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"The Bachelor" Recap: Hannah Ann vs. Kelsey vs. Champagne!

01-15-2020 by Nicole Koch

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Oh man. "The Bachelor" is ALWAYS intense, but this week’s episode really redefined that word.


We’re only on Episode 2 of Peter "Pilot Pete" Weber’s season, and it feels like we’ve been on this road for a lot longer. There’s so. Much. Drama!


My coworkerCarly Schwartz and I are huge lovers of the franchise and wanted to dish on all of the trending moments of the episode. We break down some of the most memorable moments, including the funniest, most emotional, and cringiest!


We know y’all are busy with your lives, so we’re here to save the day in case you missed it!


Check out our recap below:




If for some reason you don’t want to watch it or you just can’t right now, I’ve laid it all out for ya:


The Funniest Moment


Aw man, poorKelsey. After an intense evening (which you’ll read more about in our next bullet point), she tried to recover from an emotional and embarrassing moment and, unfortunately, had another one. This moment went ALL over the internet. She did what you should never do – drank champagne from the bottle and the bubbles exploded, went up her nose, and all over her face.


Even Peter couldn’t help but laugh and now the memes are everywhere. I felt bad for her in this moment because I’ve choked on champagne before and it’s PAINFUL.


The Most Dramatic Moment(s)


Kelsey set up a little area for her and Peter to get to know each other, complete with blankets and champagne she brought from home. She was already struggling that night, feeling like the other girls in the house were taking Peter from her. Suddenly you see my girl Hannah Ann (I love her!) lead Peter to the set up, where they open the champagne.


Cue the drama. Kelsey saw it and got really upset, which we thought was understandably so, until we found out that there was indeed another set up, and Hannah Ann went to the wrong one on accident.


Are you a fan of Hannah Ann? She’s one of our clear frontrunners and definitely has a target on her back for it.




Another dramatic moment that we just had to add was when Peter cancelled one of the group dates because of good ol' Hannah B. Peter just couldn’t get his sh*t together after seeing his ex (I don’t blame him!) and felt like he couldn’t be present with the other girls. He pissed off a lot of the girls by doing this, but I feel like it showed some their true colors, tbh. He’s a Leo, okay, he feels deeply and wanted to be his best self for the contestants. I commend him for it!


The Most Emotional Moment


Victoria F. was on the group date and the challenge was to create outfits and to later walk down a runway in them. She started to panic and get overwhelmed, because she felt like she couldn’t compare to the other girls. She felt "unseen" by Peter in this moment because she wasn’t feeling confident. You see her freaking out a bit backstage at the fashion show and you can FEEL her anxiety through the screen.


Victoria F. is a gorgeous girl and she figured out how to put her insecurities aside, which brings me to the next point…


The "Yes, Girl!" Moment


Everyone loves an underdog, and I know she won the entire country’s heart after this. You see her go onto the runway for the final walk in a black robe, and as she goes to take the robe off, you see a gorgeous lingerie piece on her!


But wait, it doesn’t stop there. She then walks up to Peter in the audience and plants a big one on him!!! We were SCREAMING and rooting for her in this moment. Badass!!! Also, Peter totally loved it. Pretty sure he wanted to follow her backstage and makeout with her right then and there! Go girl!


The Cringiest Moment


Mykenna seems to be another popular one in Bachelor Nation, and this moment is just too hilarious not to mention. She and Peter are in a hot and heavy kiss sesh, when he picks her up to sit her on something. However, she’s in a miniskirt and she looked a little uncomfortable… then the cameras pan out for a full shot of their sexy moment and you see Mykenna’s feet in the weirdest position!


Carly describes it as if she was in stirrups. It looked tense and made our viewing party uncomfortable. But hey, we’ve all been there and have had awkward moments when were kissing somebody.


The Bonus Moment


Pilot by day, camp counselor by night.


Let’s quickly rewind to the Kelsey and Hannah Ann drama. Long story short, Hannah Ann decided to tell Peter that Kelsey was bullying her, calling her names and making her really uncomfortable in the house (after the whole champagne thing). Peter immediately came to Hannah Ann’s defense and said he wouldn’t tolerate it. He then went to grab Kelsey to talk about it one-on-one, where she, of course, says the opposite. She said she wasn’t bullying her and that Hannah Ann isn’t who Peter thinks she is. We were left with a cliffhanger on what happened next!


Welp, there you have it. I can’t WAIT for next week. Seriously, this is why I struggle with watching live TV and not binging things because I feel tortured waiting a week in between episodes.


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