The 6 Best Quotes From "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier"!

04-23-2021 by Shanel Haynes



If you are anything like us, you’ve been left with an empty feeling inside as the first season of "The Falcon and the Winter Solider" comes to close. However, there’s no need to be sad because here are some of the best quotes from the series that you can hold on to forever... Or at least until we get a Season 2!


*Warning: Spoilers ahead!


1. “Symbols are nothing without the women and men that give them meaning,” Sam Wilson

As Sam decides to surrender the Captain America Shield to the government for what he thinks will be placed on display in a museum, we hear Sam recall Steve Rogers's acts of heroism as Captain America. Sam reminds us that the world has changed and new heroes are needed, but not just anyone can be a hero, especially ones as great as Steve Rogers.




2. “I'm not a killer anymore.” Bucky Barnes

If there’s anyone that knows what it’s like to go through a traumatic war experience for more than a lifetime, it's Bucky Barnes. Bucky has been fighting his Winter Solider demons for years and has finally been able to let go of his past and move forward. After seeking out help in Wakanda, Bucky has been released from his dark side that haunts him, as he relives moments from his time as an assassin. The real question is, however, does he truly believe it?




3. “I just wanted to see how the new you reacts to the old words.” – Zemo

With these words, we were introduced to a not-so-new villain from the past. Zemo, who we saw in Captain America: Civil War, appears in this series but this time as an ally. Though previously the one who turned Bucky back into the Winter Solider, Zemo claims he is now here to help the heroes catch another bad guy.




4. “You got to stop looking to other people to tell you who you are.” Sam Wilson

One thing we’ve learned so far from this series is that Sam Wilson is never short on advice. He is doing his best to help Bucky understand that, even though Steve was his best friend, his worth is still measured by his own scale.




5. “I’ve been a captain before, obviously, but this is different. Everyone in the world expects me to be something, and I don’t want to fail them.” John Walker

Though not the words we want to see coming out of John Walker's mouth, the supposed "New Captain America" is definitely going through it. John Walker has his own way of doing things; some could argue his intentions are good. However, as the season continued, John Walker took an interesting turn, leaving many to wonder where he will go from here.




6. “I’m Captain America.” – Sam Wilson

The moment we have all been waiting for finally has been revealed. Sam Wilson has decided to take on the role as Captain America to fight against Karli and her band of super soldiers. It will be interesting to see how Sam adapts to his new role but it is well deserved.




What were your favorite moments from "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier"?!