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The 5 Most Memorable Moments From the 25th Annual SAG Awards!

01-20-2020 by Katie Marzullo

  ( © Terence Patrick/Getty Images for Turner)  


The last pit-stop on the road to the Academy Awards occurred last night, as the 25th annual SAG Awards gave us both our closest look yet at who might be taking home Oscar gold next month and also saw the final word on the past year in television.


The mood at the SAGs is always light and jovial, as it’s a party exclusive to actors only, and y’all know how rowdy those Actors can get, amirite?! Last night was no different, as the spirit of celebration was palpable, and everyone was there to support their peers.


Here are 5 moments in particular that made this year’s ceremony so memorable!


1. Eugene & Dan Levy’s Non-Hosting Gig


Every year at the SAGs, the telecast opens with the camera going around tables and focusing on different actors recounting how they first got their SAG card. This year opened with nominated Harrietstar Cynthia Erivo telling her story before catching up with longtime film & TV star Eugene Levy giving a (hilariously) lengthy monologue about his background, all the while his son (and “Schitt’s Creek” co-creator/co-star) Dan Levy mugged behind him.


Once Eugene was finished, he and his son took to the stage, where they introduced the show but assured the audience that they were NOT the hosts! They then presented the first award of the night, and then later, at the end of the show, they took to the stage once more to present the last award of the evening… and once again reiterating that they were NOT the hosts!


Well, I dunno about y’all, but I would have been a hundred percent okay with them being the actual hosts, and I am hoping they do get an official hosting gig soon!




2. Joaquin Phoenix’s Humble Acceptance Speech


If you were rooting for someone else to win Best Actor in a Film, it’s okay, Joaquin’s gotchoo!


The actor, who took home yet another trophy for his title role inJoker, took his allotted speech time to address each of his co-nominees (including Adam Driver,Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Taron Egerton) personally, speaking to their talents and how they inspired him. It was a very classy way to remind everyone that the SAGs really are all about celebrating your peers!




3. Love forParasite


When the cast of the South Korean hit Parasite took to the stage to introduce their film as one of the nominees for Best Ensemble Cast earlier in the ceremony, perhaps we should have taken it as a bit of classic cinematic foreshadowing when the entire audience got to their feet to give the actors a standing ovation.


It was a touching moment all on its own, but the excitement hit mega levels when they actually won for Best Ensemble! It’s the first time a foreign language film had been so rewarded, and it was certainly a moment of triumph for Asian cinema in general.


Here’s hoping for more international inclusion at these American award shows in the future!




4. Robert De Niro Out of Any Effs to Give


This year, the Lifetime Achievement award went to the one and onlyRobert De Niro, whose career has spanned five decades and countless iconic roles (seriously, that montage of his career looked like a retrospective of cinema itself from the last half-century).


Never one to be too bombastic (except on-screen), Mr. De Niro gave an understated and gracious speech… but he did take some time to make one thing very clear: His Rights as an American citizen to speak his mind when he feels like things are going awry, and how his status as a famous actor affords him a unique platform on which to do so. Here here!




5. Heath Is In The Air


This Wednesday (January 22) will mark 12 years since we lostHeath Ledger, and there hasn’t been a day since that I haven’t been mad about it.


One of the most promising actors of his generation gone far too soon, and one man who knows all about that is Joaquin Phoenix, whose brotherRiver (who died of a drug overdose back in 1993) was the Heath Ledger of his day. But there was an almost inescapable Heath spirit at the SAGs last night, not the least of which because Joaquin won Best Actor for the very same role Heath won his own (posthumous) Oscar for, and that was not lost on Joaquin either, who paid tribute to Heath in his acceptance speech.


Meanwhile, proud hubby and papa Heath was looking down with pride as his wifeMichelle Williams took home her much-deserved award for Actress in a TV Movie, and in her speech she addressed her and Heath’s daughter, Matilda, directly.


Gone too soon but never forgotten R.I.P….




Bonus: The Return of Jen & Brad!


We stan a couple of friendly exes!


This year’s awards season has put Brad Pitt andJennifer Aniston in a potentially awkward situation, in that they have both been getting tons of accolades for their respective work in Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood and Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show”. They came together once again last night at the SAGs, and they seemed nothing but supportive and happy for each other as they watched their ex-spouse receive awards for their roles, and even chatting amicably backstage.


And while there may be a whole slew of folks out there who are hoping this means their love may soon be (if not already) rekindled – especially since both are unhitched at this time – we’re just glad that they have put their tumultuous past behind them and are able to be happy for one another’s successes!




See the full list of winners here, and stay tuned for the Academy Awards on February 9!