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3 Reasons Millennials Should Embrace Golf (From a Millennial)!

Written by Jean-Luc Vaval. Published: April 08 2016


All right, guys, us Millennials know what’s up with pop trends and can easily define what’s cool and what isn’t. Those Snapchat filters = fun for days. Dance crazes? We dig ‘em. Our phones are our lives. Now it's time that we Millennials embrace another fad that's been around for centuries already -- GOLF! 


Wait! Come back! Don’t stop reading! Yes, golf IS a sport, and NO, it’s not something only old people do. Golf may look boring on TV, but it’s so much fun to play! Trust me! Here are some reasons why you-- yes YOU! -- should at least attempt playing golf or just hit some balls on the range in your lifetime!


Golf combines being athletic and being outdoors into one!

Golf is a sport, and it requires some sort of athleticism. Think about it for a sec -- You are carrying a golf bag for at least 9 holes, if not 18, on a course that is roughly around 4 miles. You are outside on a beautiful day for at least 2 hours if you’re playing 9 holes. Honestly, it’s the best way to be outside and have fun in the morning and then go over to the pool or the beach afterwards! You see, I’m already planning your Saturday! Let’s say you’re not that athletic or don’t want to walk at least 4 miles. Well, problem solved -- just rent a golf cart! Now you’re getting a combo of sport, outdoors, and Fast and the Furious! With all the hills and obstacles on the course, riding around in a cart is probably one of the more fun aspects of golf!


It is a form of therapy! Really!

Yep, golf is either a great way to get all your frustration out or be in an environment that is peaceful and serene. You may be thinking, how can you have both at the same time? Well, there are 18 holes on a course, and each hole is about 300-400 yards, so you’ve got some distance from the group in front of you and the group behind you. There are even times where you are alone for at least 2-3 holes until you spot another golfer. Being on the golf course is like hiking, but you’re playing a game! Remember, you’re outside in nature and so close to other wildlife that sometimes, depending on where you are golfing, you can have a magnificent view of the ocean with maybe the sun setting (or rising, depending on how much of an earlybird you are). You can even see an occasional deer, coyote, and various other animals while playing. Like they could literally cross the hole in front of you.


There are fun ranges you can go to and hit some balls!

All right, so maybe you are convinced that you will be terrible at golf and won’t even try. But I’m pretty sure you’ve played putt-putt! No skill required, just having fun on a date or whatever it may be. Now, hitting golf balls on the range is pretty much the same thing. Get a bucket of balls and just hit them. No need to feel embarrassed if they go nowhere; half the people up there are just practicing or only concentrating on themselves, and the other half are just beginners like yourself! But to get to the point I was trying to make – there is this company called “Top Golf”, and they make hitting golf balls on the range fun! They make it into a game, and like they say, “No skills required”!  Watch the clip below to get a feel of what I’m talking about!



If you didn’t think that looked fun, I’m sorry. Drinking, friends, and having a good time… sounds like fun to me!

I bet you that, once you start playing golf, you’d enjoy it as much as I do and want to play it every other week or even every week! Then maybe you will no longer think that watching golf on TV is boring… well, at least watching golf championships like The Masters at Augusta, which is currently broadcasting on the Golf Channel right now! Yes, there is a Golf Channel


See you on the tee!


(Photo via Patrick Hoffmann/WENN)


- Jean-Luc Vaval, YH Contributing Writer