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The 4 Biggest Lessons We Learned From Netflix's "Sex Education"!

09-27-2021 by Gabbi Wiesehan



If you’re wanting to laugh, cry, be angry, and learn a thing or two about sex, it’s time to catch up on Season 3 of the Netflix original “Sex Education”. Already binged? Have no fear! There’s plenty of talk of a 4th season being filmed (fingers crossed)! Until Netflix gives the green light, though, we can rewatch from the beginning and, while we’re at it, compile the best advice the show has given us about relationships and sex.




1. We Put Way Too Much Pressure on Having Sex

Lily feels like she’s missing out on having sex, so she desperately asks anyone and everyone to have sex with her so she can get it out of the way and say she finally did it. Here’s the good news: contrary to popular belief, there’s no deadline for when you’re supposed to start being sexually active. YOU and ONLY YOU decide when and how you have it and who you have it with. The point of it is to feel good and genuinely enjoy it with someone of your choosing, not to to just check it off your to-do list.


2. There’s a Reason They’re Called "Sexually Transmitted Infections"

In Season 2, a supposed chlamydia outbreak erupts at Moordale Secondary School, and the misinformation spreads quicker than the infections themselves. Luckily, everyone now knows that STIs only spread through genital-to-genital contact -- not air or germs. There’s no shame in getting an STI either! Just get on top of it quickly and get medicated, and don’t forget to let your sexual partners know so they can do the same! Done and done!


3. Sex Isn’t a Performance!

Olivia is super self-conscious of her orgasm face -- so much so that she covers Malek’s face with a pillow so he can’t see her. Pro tip: sex is about how you and your partner feel, not how good you look while having it. If you’re too focused on how your’re perceived during sex, you can’t focus on how and what you’re feeling during the experience!


4. Not Liking Sex Doesn’t Mean You’re Broken

We got a much-needed crash course on asexuality from Jean when Florence found that she wasn’t sexually attracted to anyone. She’s afraid she’s broken because she simply doesn’t want to have sex. Luckily, Jean lays down the facts; some people are on the spectrum of asexuality -- they just don’t feel sexual attraction to anyone and don’t care to have sex at all. And that’s totally normal! Sex isn’t the only important thing in our lives, and not having it doesn’t make us any less human.


What big lessons have you learned from "Sex Education"?!


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