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Sweeten Your Holiday with a Cookie Exchange Party!

Written by Rita Korkounian. Published: December 23 2015


I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with cookies. Not a single day goes by without a cookie in hand. It’s like a daily ritual. I must have a cookie after every meal. While most adults look forward to wine and cheese nights, I look forward to cookie exchange parties. Yes, I’m five years old. I mean, not only do I get to go home with 12 different cookies to taste test, but I also get to compete for best-tasting cookie and get an award. What can I say, the Monica Gellerin me comes out in competitive situations. I wish cookie exchange parties happened year round. Like a monthly event. The world would be a much better place if we all bonded over milk and cookies every now and then, right?


Well, whether you’re hosting or attending a cookie exchange party or sharing homemade goodies with loved ones, I have 10 awesome recipes that cookie snobs are sure to love! Don’t forget your glass of ice-cold milk (or soy/almond milk)! Enjoy.


Hot Cocoa Cookies - Hot cocoa in cookie form. Genius. I just made my last batch for a holiday party, and they passed the prep test, visual test, and most definitely the taste test! This one gets an A+ from me! Rich, chewy, and chocolatey!  


Vanilla Sandwich Cookies with Nutella Cream Cheese Filling - Are you ready for a melt-in-your mouth cookie? “Upon biting into this cookie, it softly crumbles and melts away into a smooth, buttery haze. The combination of the feathery soft cookie and slightly tangy Nutella cream cheese filling is extraordinary.”


Blackberry Linzer Cookies - This is a quintessential holiday cookie. These festive beauties will be the main attraction on the table. Serve it with a cup of chai or tea and watch your guests devour these cookies with delight. P.S. The blackberry vanilla bourbon jam is scrumptious.


Mexican Wedding Cookies - “Eat now or forever hold your piece.” I’ll eat it now, thank you. I have a serious case of love-at-first-bite. I could, and would, elope with these cookies. The pecans, butter, and powdered sugar create a heavenly melt-in-your-mouth moment. If you live for the applause, applause, applause... then serve these at your cookie exchange party! 


Peanut Butter Blossoms - These cookies have been around since the 1960s... probably before most of you were even born! Your great-grandmother, grandmother, or mom probably have variations of this recipe. Talk about edible nostalgia. They are soo delicious! “Watch for smiles and plenty of hugs when you pass a tray of favorite chocolate and peanut butter cookies.”


Chocolate Hazelnut Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies - Every so often, a very charming cookie comes along. You know, the one that has you all googly-eyed and practically drooling. Well, this is the cookie. It’s suave, smooth, and captivating! Be careful... it will make its move on you!


Christmas Tree Sandwich Cookies - Baking may not be your expertise... which is why I’ve included this recipe. Anyone can make these cookie sandwiches. The recipe calls for ready-to-bake sugar cookies and store-bought frosting. You can’t go wrong. Plus they are totes cray-cray adorbz (I need to wash my mouth with soap after saying that).


Peppermint Oreo Stuffed Cookies - “Looking for the ultimate holiday cookie? Look no further. We’ve put a Christmas spin on the popular stuffed cookie trend with winter-themed Oreos, red and green M&M’s, and chocolate crushed candy cane coating. Decadent doesn’t even do these stuffed sweets justice.”


Whiskey Ginger Marshmallow Cookies - This would definitely win an award for most creative cookie at a cookie exchange party! I’ve had my fair share of gingerbread cookies, and they taste good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy/eat them... That is until I met this whiskey ginger marshmallow cookie. #gamechanger


Secret Ingredient Best Chocolate Chip Cookies - A cookie exchange party would not be complete without a chocolate chip cookie recipe. But, this is not your average Chocolate Chip Cookie. This one has a top secret ingredient: Cream cheese, friends. And it makes for a magical, gooey, chewy center and crispy edge. Santa would be proud.


Well, I hope I pleased the cookie monster in you! More ideas and cookie exchange party printables can be found here! Sending you and yours the happiest and warmest holiday wishes!