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Shawn Mendes Pays Homage To Oscar-Winning Film In "Lost In Japan" Music Video!

Written by Meg Spaulding. Published: October 30 2018


Shawn Mendes is coming for your heart in his new music video for “Lost In Japan”! Like, he’ll literally travel on a plane for you. I have to admit, I wasn't paying super close attention to Shawn before this, but after watching this, I am fully on board. I get it, ladies and gents. I get it. What you are about to witness is Shawn Mendes being irresistibly adorable as he sings about a pretty wild plan. This boy is talking about FLYING to another COUNTRY to see the person he likes. It’s the kind of bold thirstiness we can all relate to. Meanwhile, he’s looking as adorable and innocent as all the YouTube commenters claim him to be.




The video is a reference to the 2003 Sofia Coppola film Lost in Translation, starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. Almost every shot in “Lost in Japan” is a recreation from one in the movie, actually. It makes sense, seeing as both Mendes’s new song and Lost in Translation are all about wanting connection while in a new and foreign environment (specifically, Japan). Both Mendes and Murray play an actor (or pop star, maybe, in Shawn’s case) who is in Japan for work. A less-charming artist might not get away with portraying the wildly popular Bill Murray, but Mendes brings his own charm and earnestness to it.


Let’s also not forget Alisha Boe, also looking charming while rocking a pink bob. She is the one responsible for some of Shawn’s cutest smiles in the video, so we must give her our thanks. If you’ve seen "13 Reasons Why", you will probably agree that it’s good to see her looking happy.


Lastly, something about Shawn Mendes shaving when he must know that he has no facial hair is really working, artistically and emotionally. Watch the video and feast your eyes on a brilliantly styled piece of art. By that I mean Shawn Mendes in yellow. Also, enjoy the shoutout to a classic movie and check out the original if you thought this video was an hour or two too short!


(Image via Shawn Mendes/YouTube)


- Meg Spaulding, YH Contributing Writer