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'Sex and the City' Will Live On Through New Book & TV Series!

Written by Jordan Cioppa. Published: March 29 2019


“To the next fifty!” [*clinks Cosmopolitans*]


…And the next fifty is exactly what Sex and the City author,Candace Bushnell, is exploring as she tells the stories of what love and dating looks like for a woman 50 years old and over in her latest book Is There Still Sex in the City?. And wait, it gets better. Thanks to Paramount Television and Anonymous Content, the book is set to be made into a television series! OMG. The new series will follow-up on Bushnell’s hugely successful book-turned-small screen phenomenon, Sex and the City, and pick up right where it left off, which is exploring the same topic of dating and friendships in New York City, except with an older generation of women. If you are like me and have seen nearly every episode of the "Sex and the City" series (which ran from 1998-2004 on HBO) and enjoyed nearly every second of it (except for Carrie’s Berger Phase, duh), then you are probably freaking out at this story, because I know I am!


- Jordan Cioppa, YH Contributing Writer