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'Raya and the Last Dragon' Trailer Promises a Nail-Biting, Edge-of-Your-Seat Adventure!

11-05-2020 by Paige Pfeifer

  ( © Walt Disney Animation Studios)  


Disney is about to outdo themselves once again. In March of 2021, they’re taking us on a whirlwind adventure fit for Indiana Jones with Raya and the Last Dragon. The first trailer recently dropped, and so will your jaw once you take a peek at this first look!




We meet our willful protagonist in the midst of a dangerous obstacle course. She’s running through stone tunnels laced with booby-traps including ropes, boulders, and -- gasp! -- bad guys. However, none of it stands against Raya and her trusty armadillo sidekick, Tuk Tuk. Throughout the action sequences, we learn from Raya that her people are divided, and the only way to restore peace and harmony is by finding the last dragon; this is the quest we are watching unfold in the trailer. 


Raya and the Last Dragon is set in mythical Kumandra, a land inspired by countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. As such, Raya is Disney’s first Southeast Asian-inspired heroine, voiced byStar Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran. She is a fierce warrior who cares so deeply for her people and her home that she would put herself in danger to protect them; Raya’s determination and empathy makes her a wonderful role model for young girls.


From the trailer, it is clear that a few Disney hallmarks will be present in the film: cute animal sidekick, near-impossible quest, and a girl with a destiny larger than herself. While these classic tropes are a comfort to those who grew up watching Disney films, it is great to see each new movie progress in terms of uniqueness and boundary-pushing. Raya and the Last Dragon seems to be a bona-fide adventure movie that will leave viewers of all ages and backgrounds on the edge of their seats. 


Raya, the world is ready for you. And we are ready to explore yours with you.