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Written by Kate Ferguson. Published: July 31 2014


London-based alt-rock-yet-soulful band The Healing have released a new single entitiled, “Childhood Home”, off their most recent EP.


The members of the band include Jim Moreton on vocals and guitar, Nicolas Py on drums and percussion, Sam Thiery on bass guitar, and Ariel Moreton on harmony vocals.


The style of their music veers from country-inspired ballads to atmospheric, driving rock songs and back again, with lyrical content that focuses a lot on matters of childhood and family, including memories, relationships, and stories about life and growing up. Lead singer Moreton writes all the lyrics, and with the usage of poetry mixed into song, they sound like storytelling as opposed to us listening in on a thought; it’s personal, but meant to be shared.


The single “Childhood Home” has an accompanying video that is the right mix of wistfulness and lost feeling to go with the song about looking for the childhood home. Lots of wandering alone shots, closed buildings, and snow drive the mood home. The sound of the song is like a mixture of folk and rock, and the vibe is certainly a thoughtful one.




The rest of the EP has a variety of sounds but sticks with the overall theme of childhood-related reminiscence through different kinds of harmonizing and guitar tunings. “Tonopah” is the story of a trip that was taken in childhood and hits some country rock vibes. “Shed One Tear” is a little more traditional alternative rock, while “No Virtue” opens on a bluesy note and strings it throughout the song.


The new EP will available for full download from Bandcamp on August 22.


Keep up with The Healing on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and their Official Website.




(Photo via James Moore)




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