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PLAYLIST PICKS: Clocks and Clouds

Written by Kate Ferguson. Published: August 04 2014


There’s a lot of hybrid musical groups these days, and with all the mixing that gets done, pretty much any sound is possible as an outcome. But one band in particular that is taking a unique hybrid approach to their sound is Minneapolis three-piece group Clocks and Clouds, who have been working together since 2010. Their approach to making music is to mix classical instrumentals with a post-rock sound, which creates an entrancing mixture of drums, cello, violin, and electronic rock. The result is beautiful, ominous, and film score-worthy, whether it’s live or listened to in recording.


You won’t hear any vocals on this EP, but you don’t need to; the music is full, expressive, and specific. Members of the band are Stephanie Shogren on the violin, Lucas Shogren playing the cello, and Derek Powers on the drums.


Their second and most recent EP is entitled “The Creation of Matter”, and every song has a different feel and alludes to a different story while sounding uniquely like them. If you have any sort of imagination, “Audeamus” is going to put you right into some place like that fantasy forest where you’re perhaps on the run. “Pierce the Night” might be you on the run again but this time down alleys and dodging across streets (safely, of course). “Their Finest Hour” is a bit softer on the violins and could possibly be the backdrop to a pensive pop song. “Libertango” picks it up with of course a bit of tango sound, which comes off as bold and almost boastfully inviting. The single “Aliantha” is delightfully menacing, this where we see the bad guy scheming (or the good guy having to do something bad) and taking the first steps to carry out the master plan. There’s an electronic drop on this track that lets it sweep in other directions than the other tracks.






All in all, this is a really talented group that makes smart music fun to listen to. Clocks and Clouds is currently recording their first full-length album which will be released in 2015… looking forward to it! 


Check out more Clocks and Clouds on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and their Official Website.



(Photo via James Moore)




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