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Our Favorite TikToks Using the "Little Babies" Sound From "Bob's Burgers"!

05-02-2022 by Annel Then



We all know and love the animated comedy series “Bob’s Burgers” that premiered in 2011. We practically grew up watching Bob and Linda Belcher and their never-aging kids Tina, Gene, and Louise go on their adventures with their family business selling burgers. Recently, there has been a TikTok trend emerging from the Season 2, Episode 4 titled “Burgerboss”, where Linda Belcher discusses her spending habits pertaining to some porcelain dolls she would buy.




Many fans of the show have been using the sound to relate to small everyday moments or things, like, for example, a tiny spoon or even a small doll. Here are our favorite TikToks using the popular sound!


1. Baby Squishmallows!

Squishmallows are very soft and squishy plushies that many people find adorable and fun. They come in all sizes, but we did not know they came in little baby sizes! They are so cute! We would definitely want a baby Squishmallow if we came across one!


2. Little Baby Starbucks Drink!

We stan for a Starbucks drink from time to time, but we did not know their was such a thing as an itty bitty Starbucks drink. We definitely want to know how they managed to pull this off because they look so legit! Imagine if all Starbucks drinks came in a baby size for a baby-sized friend. We are sure Barbie would approve of this for sure. Who would you serve this little baby creation to?


3. Salt, Pepper, & Paprika 

We love ourselves some "Blues Clues" spice characters, and we definitely enjoy a snag like this one -- A baby Salt, Pepper, and Paprika shaker moment. What a nice way to bring a throwback into some kitchen decor. They're little and they will definitely spice up your recipes. What an amazing find!

@mcdurkan Silly little things that make my silly little life even more silly ??? #bluesclues#salt#pepper#paprika♬ sonido original - Linda Belcher Everyday


4. Little Cheeseballs 

We are total fans of cheeseballs and we did not know that they made baby cheeseball plushies. These are packed into a cheeseball bag plush with baby cheeseballs inside and they're so cute. Our top question remains: Would you use these baby cheeseball plushies in a cheeseball fight?  We know we would!


5. Little Erasers

These aren’t your typical erasers -- they come in different shapes, characters, and animals. These were often used in the 2000s but they are making a comeback and we definitely know why. Their cute little characters are so adorable that, even with their erasers, you won’t want to use them to erase them because of how cute they are. We definitely collected these cute erasers back then and still would collect these little cute baby erasers now if we were in school. They are so cute!


What little baby items would you want to collect? Let us know!