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Our Favorite TikTok Foodies!

08-26-2022 by Jaelen Patrick

(Tabitha Brown/TikTok/@iamtabithabrown)


Little by little, foodies are slowly taking over TikTok, leaving us to crave foods we may have never even heard of! Eventually, it comes to a point where we have to live vicariously through them to satisfy our cravings. So, here’s a list of some of our favorite foodies on TikTok that help make it all possible!


1. Tabitha Brown

This first foodie is one you should’ve seen coming, as she’s made it through TikTok and onto our TV screens, and even right into our stores! Momma Tabitha (@iamtabithabrown) is known for her unbelievably delicious-looking vegan recipes and sweet motivational messages she scatters throughout her page, hence the title “The World’s Favorite Mom” in her bio!

@iamtabithabrown A quick way to scratch that shelled seafood itch if you’re vegan! Enoki mushrooms are so good and have the perfect texture and flavor to do the trick! #vegan#foodie#tabithabrown♬ original sound - Tabitha Brown


2. Emily Mariko

You may know this next foodie (@emilymariko) as the TikToker who went viral after sharing her salmon and rice recipe that had everyone going nuts! Now, it’s her calm aura that keeps viewers watching as she prepares each and every meal ever so gently, making her so satisfying to watch.


3. Costco Mamma and Maddie

This mother-daughter duo (@floridamomof3) leaves no food or treat behind as they review all sorts of goodies that make you want to stop what you’re doing and see what all the hype is about! The best part is that the fun doesn’t end at Costco for these two, as Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, and even Buccee’s are on their reviewing radar!


4. Cee Foodie

Miss “Let’s Combine These Flavors” (@ceeefoodie) is up next on our foodie list and for good reason! This TikToker makes any meal look amazing as she breaks down exactly what she’s indulging in and makes sure to waste no time doing so!


5. Nicole Axelrod

There comes a time when our sweettooths start throbbing, and Nicole is absolutely no help! This cookie connoisseur (@nicoleaxelrod) is known for reviewing Crumbl Cookie’s weekly flavors, and her excitement when trying them makes us want to love them just as much as she does!

@nicoleaxelrod drop EVERYTHING and go try this week’s cookies (crumbl week 16) #crumblcookies#crumblreview#crumbl#cookiereview#fyp @crumblcookies ♬ Coffee Music - Cafe Music BGM channel


6. Zach and Tee

Food is clearly this couple's love language, and luckily, we reap the benefits! This foodie couple (@zach.chin) prepares, plates, and dives into all sorts of meals, especially those of their culture, and we can’t ever seem to get enough of them or the food!


7. Mariam

This final foodie always has delicious recipes to share that have our mouths watering at the sight alone! Whether it be dinner or desserts, Mariam (@mxriyum) has always got us covered! Her “everything that I’ve made in my kitchen this week” series will have you wanting to chef up a new meal every chance you get!


Episode 32: “Everything That I’ve Made In My Kitchen This Week” ⏲? all recipes on insta & tiktok

♬ original sound - Mariam

Happy drooling!