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Women of TikTok: 10 Accounts You Should Follow For Empowering Content!

08-26-2022 by Hayden Roberts

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If you’re a woman who is looking for some empowering content to inspire you, there is no better place to look than TikTok. There are hundreds of accounts who use the platform to promote body positivity, feminine health, and the empowerment of women in an easily digestible manner. Although the TikTok algorithms will guide you, it can still be difficult to find the content you’re looking for. But don’t fear! We’re here to help get you started on your journey to empowerment. Here are 10 women-led TikTok accounts to follow for some truly empowering content!


1. Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan (@dylanmulvaney) is rather new to TikTok but has already amassed almost 7 million followers as of this writing. That’s probably due to her super sweet personality and honesty about being a trans woman. Dylan’s TikTok chronicles her exciting (and sometimes scary) journey as a woman who is navigating girlhood for the first time.


2. Dr. Mpume Zenda

Dr. Zenda (@dr.gynae) is a sexologist and Ob-Gyn who uses TikTok to promote the sexual health of women. She offers her expertise about topics such as sex, menstruation, and pregnancy. Her platform is a safe and welcoming space for those who have questions about the female body.


3. Florence Given

Florence (@florencegiven) is an author and advocate for the downfall of the patriarchy. She uses TikTok to offer her thoughts on issues that women deal with on the daily. She’s also the host of the killer podcast "EXACTLY".


4. Chrissy Chlapecka

If you use TikTok on the reg, chances are you’ve seen Chrissy (@chrissychlapecka) at some point. She’s pretty unforgettable with her pink hair, captivating falsetto, and no-nonsense policy when it comes to loving yourself. Chrissy is outspoken about not taking crap from any man who tries to bring you down.


5. Drew Afualo

This list would not be complete without the one and only Drew Afualo (@drewafualo). Drew is notorious for her TikTok videos where she absolutely demolishes women-hating men on the app. As soon as you hear her signature laugh, you know that she is about to shut someone down.


6. Cissy Nansera

Cissy (@nanserawellness) is a yoga girl who aims to help others relieve pain in their bodies. Her videos shamelessly address embarrassing issues such as constipation and bloating through yoga. Nansera can help you to align your chakras and poop all at the same time.


7. @aliyahsinterlude1

Aliyah uses TikTok as her personal video diary to speak nothing but truth. Her bite-sized videos hilariously approach topics and ideas that randomly come to her. Her confidence and personality alone are good enough reasons to follow.

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8. Shayla Stonechild

Shayla (@shayla0h) is a yoga instructor and host who is outspoken about her experiences as a woman. She also uses TikTok to proudly speak on her Indigenous culture. We love to see it!


9. The Female Lead

The Female Lead (@thefemalelead) is an educational charity that shares women’s stories through TikTok. Their entire goal is to spread awareness on pressing issues such as abortion and sexual assualt through predominantly women-made content.

@thefemalelead "On this film all of our heads of departments were women. I've never been on a job where the majority of people in lead positions were women. Seeing that makes you believe. I was like maybe I could direct... The more we see women command that space and belong there, the more it becomes the norm" Daisy Edgar-JonesWe had the incredible opportunity to speak to Daisy Edgar-Jones for the release of Where The Crawdad's Sing, which comes to cinemas across the UK & Ireland from next week (22nd July).With thanks to our Female Lead ambassador - 17-year-old Sofia who goes to the Brit school, for leading this interview. Full interview on YouTube.To find out more about our Female Lead societies for schools & universities and to get your school involved visit: society.thefemalelead.thefemalelead.com#CrawdadsMovie #thefemalelead #daisyedgarjones♬ original sound - The Female Lead


10. Cassey Ho

Cassey (@blogilates) is a fashion designer and fitness coach who inspires her viewers to become their healthiest selves. Cassey is honest about her own journey to a healthy body and shares her struggles with eating disorders, body image, and more.

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