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Our Favorite DIY Met Gala-Inspired Looks From TikTok!

05-18-2022 by Annel Then



The Met gala is an event that happens annually where celebrities and artists wear beautiful garments designed by known designers and fashion houses who follow a theme. This year's Met Gala theme was "Gilded Glamour", referring to a period in American history from the 1870s to 1890s where men and women alike never left the house without looking like a million bucks. Gilded glamour stems from using wealth and flashy attire to hide the social unrest and turmoil of the time. Women would wear jewel-toned gowns that were made out of various types of fabric ranging from satin, silk, and velvet. It was a period of growth and prosperity and was one of the enlightenment periods of the time where many inventions were created, such as the telephone! As the 2022 Met Gala wrapped up this year, many headed to TikTok to show off their own renditions of their favorite Met Gala Gilded Age creations, and they do not disappoint!


1. Madison.Mcintyre

User Madison,mcintyre created a beautiful sustainable gown using both thrifted materials and those found around her home. She used a curtain and a scarf to create her dress. The end result was beyond gorgeous and she totally rocked the assignment! Who knew a curtain could look so good?!


2. Rubenisaza

Not only did this user create one spectacular look, but they also created two! Both are inspired by the Met gala and the artistry behind a painting pattern. This look features a unique corset top as well as a well-draped dress. So stunning!


3. Janiceglimmer

Janiceglimmer created a white and pearly look by layering a corset on top of a dress with matching accessories to create her unique Met Gala-inspired look. This is a soft yet sophisticated look. Well done!

@janiceglimmer there was SO MUCH potential for this year’s Gilded Glamour theme #metgala#metgala2022#whatidwear#outfit♬ original sound - Sage Rosen


4. Rosemaryretro

Rosemaryretro created this inspired look by layering a petticoat, duster, Hollywood robe, and even a corset on top of the robe! Her look required tons of layering but the end result is exceptional! What an easy way to get the Gilded Age look by layering! 


5. Elisa.so.chic

This user recreated Blake Lively’s 2022 Met Gala look using what she had at home and she definitely nailed it! From the copper look to the blue transformation look! Spot on!


What Met Gala look would you recreate?