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Our 4 Favorite #SwiftTok Trends!

08-27-2021 by Derin Yilmaz

(Taylor Swift/TikTok/@taylorswift)


The moment we’ve been all waiting for has finally come. Taylor Swift joined TikTok this week and she officially visited #SwiftTok. TikTok is known for its various communities, like #BookTok or #FoodTok, but the community where you will find the best and most genuine never-ending Taylor content is none other than #SwiftTok. Imagine a social media world where people appreciate Taylor’s lyrics, her cats, the albums, and every single Easter Egg… 


So far, Taylor seems like she’s enjoying #SwiftTok, as she posted two TikToks and started her own trend already!



Lots going on at the moment: Red (my version) vinyl is up for presale on my site and oh I’m on tiktok now let the games begin ? ##SwiftTok

♬ original sound - Taylor Swift


In honor of Miss Swift finally entering her own world on TikTok, here are some of the best #SwiftTok trends that we love to see on our FYP!


1. The “Dress” 

Taylor loves to mention the dresses she associates with each of the stories in her lyrics. It can be her little black dress, a wine-stained dress, or a vintage dress... Recently, a TikTok sound with all of the "dress" lyrics from Taylor’s songs became viral (shout-out to @kenziesoleil) and the Dress Trend was born! 



thank you @kenziesoleil for making this chaotic taylor audio ?

♬ original sound - kenzie


2. TS Albums As Drinks

There is nothing we love more than drinking cocktails that match the vibe of the TS album we’re in the mood for. You can’t possibly have the same drink for Reputation and Lover! Don’t worry, though, because @ashpoursdrinks has a cocktail recipe for each Taylor album!



3. The "august" Dance

TikTok dances are always fun to learn and try with your friends. What makes it even better is when the dance is for a TS song and it becomes viral on #SwiftTok. We don’t want to keep our hopes up, but what if Taylor sees the "august" dance trend and actually does the dance??



4. Taylor Swift-Themed Parties

From now on, we are celebrating Taylorween! These TikToks of Taylor Swift parties with all the TS outfits, decorations, photo stations for each album, and fully dedicated Swifties really make us want to throw our own TS party ASAP!



Honorable mention:



Taylor said "go ahead and stream evermore album" two days ago. So I DO @taylornation @haimtheband #taylorswift#evermorealbum#swiftie#swifttok

♬ no body, no crime - Taylor Swift


Which trend do you think will be Taylor’s favorite from #SwiftTok??