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Netflix's Hilarious "Space Force" Is The Perfect Weekend Binge

06-05-2020 by Emily Holshouser

  ( © Netflix)  


“Space Force”, starring Steve Carrell and created by Greg Daniels, is now streaming on Netflix and it’s the perfect weekend binge!


If you’re missing "Parks and Recreation" and "The Office", or your tenth re-watch is getting a little old, we have just the show for you! Netflix’s new comedy “Space Force” dropped last week, and we’ve got all the details on why it is a must watch.


Greg Daniels -- known for his work on “The Office”, “King of the Hill”, and “Parks and Rec” -- has teamed up with Steve Carrell on “Space Force”, a workplace comedy set in the newly minted Space Force. It’s a real department, designated by President Trump, but “Space Force” imagines it a little differently. Led by Carrell, he plays a former fighter pilot with no knowledge of space who is charged with getting men back on the moon.




The cast is filled out by John Malkovich as a civilian science advisor who serves as a foil for the various shenanigans of the show, and many alum from Daniels’s previous shows, includingBen Schwartz and comedic legends like Jane Lynch and Lisa Kudrow.

Unlike “The Office” or “Parks”, which are funny shows created around inherently unfunny things, “Space Force” is created around something that has led to its own humor. It’s a new twist on the workplace comedy, but considering its real-life equivalent, it may feel different than the other shows in this genre. Still, we think it’s well worth a watch!