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Netflix Releases First Tease For "Stranger Things" Season 4!

09-30-2019 by Katie Marzullo

  ( © Netflix/Twitter)  


With Disney+ and HBO Max launching soon – and thereby rescinding A LOT of content currently available on Netflix – the OG streaming giant needs to remind y’all why it’s a good idea to keep that Netflix subscription going. And what better way to do that then to announce Season 4 of “Stranger Things”?!


“Stranger Things” has more or less become Netflix’s flagship original series over the past few years. With interest in “House of Cards” waning and other shows like “GLOW”, “Ozark”, and “The Crown” getting plenty of critical and Awards Season acclaim but not quite the same amount of viewer buzz, “Stranger Things” (and all the glorious memes it generates) may very be what ultimately keeps Netflix afloat in the Streaming Wars.


Thus, this morning we were all treated to a very short, very vague, but very exciting post from the official “Stranger Things” Twitter account:






After Season 3 premiered this past July, there was no official word about whether or not there would even be another season. The third installment of the retro sci-fi series seemed to end on a final (though admittedly bittersweet) note. It was only the epilogue in the final moments of the final episode (which hinted that Sheriff Jim Hopper had indeed survived the explosion under the Starcourt Mall) that gave viewers an inkling that this story is not quite over yet.


So what, if anything, can we make of this teaser? Not much, except that Season 4 will not be taking pace in Hawkins, Indiana, like the previous three. This makes sense, though, considering the final episode in Season 3 saw Eleven moving out of Hawkins with the Byerses. And we all know that, wherever Eleven and Will go, trouble follows. So wherever they, Joyce, and Jonathan end up, the Upside Down won’t be far behind…


Hopefully neither will Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Nancy, Steve, and the rest of the gang!


No release date, or even a season or a year, has been announced for "Stranger Things 4", but fingers crossed it won’t be as long a wait as Season 3!