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Let's Hear It For The Womens!

Written by Rita Korkounian. Published: March 10 2024


“We must carry forward the work of the women who came before us and ensure our daughters have no limits on their dreams, no obstacles to their achievements, and no remaining ceilings to shatter.” Amen, Barack Obama!


To all my sisters, Happy National Women’s Month!


“This may be a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing, NOTHING without a women or a girl!”


Ladies, are we ah-mazing or what?!


“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for All Women.”


We’re in this together, so let’s stand up for all women. Let’s not put each other down by calling each other names. When we call each other names, we give men a free pass to do so too. And it’s WRONG.


“We are all strong, bright, and creative individuals that chart our own paths, lead our own lives, and drive the course of history.”


We influence each other. We knock down doors. Shatter ceilings.


“Build firm foundations with bricks others have thrown at us.”


“When the wind does not blow our way, we adjust our sails.”


We are not doormats. We are not second-class citizens. We are not sex objects. And we do not like being leered at! We are human beings... with super human powers. We are WO-men!


Welp, glad I got that out of my system. We have come such a long way, haven’t we?! One day, we will see a female president. One day, women’s sports will take center stage. One day, a stigma will not be attached to being a stay at home, a working mom, or both. One day, women’s compassion and emotions will be seen as a strength, not a weakness. All of these advancements may not happen in my lifetime. But they will happen.


Now, in celebration of Women’s Month, I wanted to share with you the most empowering female anthems of all time!



“Here’s to good women: May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!”