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Laurie Hernandez Is Living Her Best Life On TikTok!

08-19-2020 by Andi Ortiz

  ( © Harry How/Getty Images)  


Of the many events canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps the most devastating was the loss of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Right about now, we’d usually be stanning the gymnasts and swimmers of the world, giving them the credit and hype they really deserve every day.


On the upside, they’ve still been giving us reasons to do so. Gold medalist Katie Ledecky set social media ablaze when she posted a video of her swimming the length of a pool with a glass of milk on her head.




But arguably no one is keeping us as well-fed with content as gymnast Laurie Hernandez. Without the Summer Olympics, she’s living her best life over on TikTok, taking it all in stride and keeping a positive attitude about things.



I’m fine!! this is fine!! (seriously though, the world comes first) ##olympics##tokyoolympics##gymnastics

♬ eliza cant show the orphanage - heyguyzitsnicolee


And while she is posting some of her workouts, giving us the gymnastics we’re used to seeing on our screens at this point, Hernandez is also showing off her acting chops. Like most of us, Laurie Hernandez has well and fully immersed herself in the Hamilton craze. Honestly, she’s doing it better than most of us – as Olympians tend to do.



##duet with @vainvirgoscosplay did i do it?

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Is it too soon to pitch a gender-bent version of Hamilton to Disney? (Realistically she could play any of the characters, but personally I’d love to see her Burr).


When she’s not blowing us all away with her theatrical talent, she’s hyping up her followers and highlighting her own struggles through quarantine, letting everyone know that they are not alone. Hernandez is honest and open about her mental health, joking where appropriate and taking things more seriously where needed. She seems to fully grasp the size of her platform and is using it for good.


And when she’s not doing all that, well, Laurie Hernandez is just a typical 20-year-old. She’s snacking and bopping along to Disney classics and loving on her pup. She’s jumping in on the latest trends and is equally as befuddled by some of the weirder things on the internet. At no point has Hernandez held back her silliness, and really it’s the Olympic content we need without any actual Olympics.


Don’t worry though – we’ll see Laurie Hernandez on our television screens again. She’s promised.



So to answer a common question I’ve been getting... yes. I’m still training for 2021; so don’t count me out just yet ##olympics##gymnastics##2021

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