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J.K. Rowling's Christmas Gift to Potterheads: New Harry Potter Stories!

Written by Kevin Donaldson. Published: December 09 2014


Who really celebrates 12 Days of Christmas? JK Rowling, that’s who! Christmas is always a pivotal time in each Harry Potter book, and the movies make Christmas look better than any Christmas you’ve ever celebrated, so there’s no wonder that Rowling is giving all of her fans the gift of more Harry Potter stories for Christmas! Remember, you can only view these if you’ve joined Pottermore! It’s free to sign up, so do it!


Details. Details. I’m sure you’re looking for some real details. Starting on Friday, December 12, Rowling will be posting a story at 8pm ET everyday up until the day before Christmas Eve (December 23). Do these stories have anything specifically to do with Christmas? It doesn’t look like all of them will, but I’d like to think that perhaps the final one will be a Christmas story to round things out. Rowling  posted a story on Halloween about fan-favorite-to-hate Dolores Umbridge. In the story, we got to see more of this dark and twisted former Hogwarts professor’s background. Rowling has definitely proved she has holiday timing with Umbridge’s story. It takes you back to the worst teacher you ever had in school and unlocks years of much-needed therapy.


Reportedly, these new stories appear to be about different moments in Half Blood Prince, something concerning a new potion or two and one revolving around Draco Malfoy where Rowling will let her fans really learn what she thinks of him. Other than that, it's not entirely clear if we’ll see Harry and the gang themselves. Considering there’s stuff about Half Blood Prince, maybe there will be. In July, Rowling also posted a Rita Skeeter-written tabloid column about a 34-year-old Harry attending the Quidditch World Cup with his family and friends, so there’s always a chance she’ll expand more on what Harry is up to these days.


Just remember, fans, to sign up for Pottermore by December 12 so you can read these sure to be magical stories. Who doesn’t like getting an early Christmas present every night?




As they say in the U.K., HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!


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- Kevin Donaldson, YH Staff