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'J-Hope in the Box' Documentary Hits Disney+!

Written by Ahshara Colon. Published: February 23 2023


Calling all Armys around the world, J-Hope in the Box is finally out on Disney Plus and honestly, it is everything and more!


I’m your Hope, you’re my Hope, it’s J-Hope!! The BTS member has finally released his documentary on Disney+ titled J-Hope in the Box, following the creation of his renowned debut solo album Jack in the Box


J-Hope is one of seven members of K-Pop supergroup BTS, known all around the world for their music, stage presence, and lyrics focusing on everyday life, personal troubles, love, and more. They are known to be down-to-earth, kind, and funny. J-Hope is one of the main rappers of the group, spitting verses with a smooth flow and unique duality. In 2022, he released Jack in the Box, his first solo project after BTS announced they would all begin to work on their own personal projects amongst many other things. 




J-Hope -- a.k.a Hobi, a.k.a Jeong Hoseok -- released Jack in the Box in 2022. The documentary follows J-Hope for 200 days as he works on the album and expresses vulnerability throughout the movie, showing the different difficulties and hard work that goes into creating his art. Jack In the Box served as a way to lead J-Hope into his next chapter in life. Jack in the Box created an excitement amongst fans of J-Hope as he wrote lyrics expressing his hopes for the future, his worries, and nothing but raw honesty. Popular songs on the album include “More”, “Equal Sign”, and “Arson”.


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"Arson" talked about him setting fire to his passion, not knowing when that fire would get out of control and whether he should let it keep burning or put it out and be left with ashes. Creating lyrics that burn with such passion and meaning united many around the world -- having such a passion for something but realizing that it can easily burn out and having to decide whether this passion is something you should fight for or let go. He not only writes lyrics that are relatable, he writes most of them in Korean, showing that not only can people relate to the message on a universal level but also to how the music makes them feel. "Arson" echoes with a deep beat and a pace that you can feel in your body. “To my passion, burn / To my hopes, burn...”, “If anyone asks me, right, I lit the flame / Now I ask myself, chose what / Do I put out the fire or burn even brighter?




In the doc. we get to see J-Hope’s preparation for the listening party for his album where he invited lots of other musicians and artists. His groupmates Jin, RM, V, Jimin, and JK were also there. Unfortunately, Suga couldn’t make it due to feeling under the weather at the time. However, the support that J-Hope receives from his fellow members as well as ARMYs is incomparable. 


The documentary also covers Hope’s performance at Lollapalooza, better known as “Hobipalooza”. He was a headliner for the show in July of 2022 where he performed a number of songs from Jack in the Box as well as songs like “Ego” from his previous album, Hope World. During his time in Chicago, he was joined by Jimin, another member of BTS, who showed up to support Hobi during his performance. Viewers of the documentary get an inside perspective of all the practice that went into such an amazing and monumental performance where about 70,000 people showed up in support of Hobi and even more viewers online through streaming services like Hulu. You can hear the chants of so many people who identify and love Hobi’s music during his performances. 


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Since J-Hope’s release of his album, he has had solo performances at the 2022 MAMA awards as well at the 2022 Rockin' New Years Eve show with Ryan Seacrest. Jack in the Box is a riveting album that has touched so many people around the world. If you haven’t heard the album yet, check it out on music apps like Spotify or Apple Music and enjoy!