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5 Trends From New York Fashion Week!

02-22-2023 by Gabi Lamb

  ( © Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)  


Last week was New York Fashion Week, showcasing over 300 shows by different designers and bringing airplane-loads of fashion aficionados to the city. It is the second this year of the “Big Four” fashion weeks around the world, preceded by Paris and followed by London and Milan. With so many designers, there was a lot happening, but here we round up the top five trends to look out for that we saw at New York Fashion Week!


1. Going Gothic

Popularized by recent hit "Wednesday", it looks like goth style is set to make a major comeback. At least, if the Rodarte show has anything to say about it. Moving away from the more E-Girl styles popularized in previous years, the gothic brought to the table this Fashion Week featured long, sweeping dresses and Victorian embellishments. It’s witchy and dead-black, with smatterings of doily-like white lace and metallic details. The makeup often matched, with sharp black eyeliner and black lipstick. Here are some of the best gothic looks we saw — fit for Addams family members and non-members alike!


2. All That Glitters: Metallics & Sequins

Sequins and all forms of metallic were big this Fashion Week — but then again, who doesn’t love everything that glitters?! Often shine was paired with fringy elements, offering more movement to create dance-worthy pieces. Used as an entire outfit or in a more subtle sheen to singular pieces, sequins and metallics offer a rock-and-roll edge to any nighttime or daytime look. It’s perfect as the COVID crisis abates, offering new chances for everyone to get dressed up and go out. It offers brightness but with more edge than the cheerful Y2K colors of seasons past. Here are some of the most “metal” looks of the season!


3. Oversized Outerwear

While we may be moving away from the earlier Billie Eilishoversized-everything, outerwear retains the number one spot for upsizing in clothes. Large puffers and fur coats were both popular, and there seems to be a growing desire for more embellished outerwear. With the current trend for low-rise bottoms and cropped shirts, the extra warmth is needed. Here are some of the biggest hits in the outerwear category!


4. Suiting Up

People are beginning to return to the office, but it’s hard to dread it when the work-friendly looks are this stylish. Suits may be the most-seen trend this New York Fashion Week, and various designers played with cuts, color, and sizing. The suit in all its forms remains timeless and works for everyone, everywhere. Just because it’s professional does not make it boring. These designers show us that!


5. Red, Red, Red

Red lipstick has always been the perfect accessory, but now the color is spreading into shoes, purses, jackets, and even entire monochrome sets. Red was the trademarked color of 2023’s Fashion Week, and its vibrant energy empowers us moving into a new season. In comparison to the Barbie pinks seen last season, this year’s red offers more aggression and seduction. It’s a dominant primary color that inspires us to get moving, and do so with style.


2023 New York Fashion Week was all about dominance and energy, a contrast to the more fun and frothy looks of previous seasons. It displays edgier sensibilities, and a return to everything bold but grungy.


What trends are you most excited about? Let us know!