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Inside The Tokyo Olympic Village!

07-30-2021 by Gabbi Wiesehan

  ( © Wei Zheng/CHINASPORTS/VCG via Getty Images)  


Olympians are currently competing with the weight of their countries’ pride and expectations on their shoulders, yet they still find the time to give the kids what they really want -- content, baby! Athletes from all over the world are giving us out-of-shape simpletons up-close and first-hand access to their lives in the Tokyo Olympic Village for two whole weeks. Thanks to their dedicated vlogging, we’ve been given the ultimate all-access tour!



Here are a few things we've learned thanks to athletes' social posts!


Athletes’ Residence Halls Are Divided by Country

The Olympic Village consists of 21 enormous hotel-sized buildings with 14 to 18 floors each. The buildings are all decorated and personalized for each country to welcome its Olympians. Imagine showing up at a Hilton and the entire building is crawling with every single Olympic athlete from Australia!



Bedrooms Are Set Up Like College Dorms

Two athletes are in each room and share the same space -- just like a college dorm! With any college dorm situation, though, you can get stuck with a messy roommate.



The Main Dining Hall is Huge!

Olympians need the fuel! The main dining hall in the Village takes up 2 whole floors and is open 24/7 to all athletes. As if they couldn’t top that, there are free unlimited Coke vending machines placed all throughout the residential buildings!



There Are Self-Driving Cars

A system of self-driving cars (ranging in size to even offering ride-sharing) transports athletes around the Village, as well as scheduled shuttles to take athletes to and from events.



The Beds Are Made From Cardboard

Ah, yes. The cardboard beds. Each bed’s frame is made from cardboard and each mattress is made of polyethylene. Takashi Kitajima, a Village organizer, stated that the use of cardboard and polyethylene were to make the furniture sustainable. Athletes and simpletons alike, though, speculated that the real reason for the outlandish materials was to keep the beds uncomfortable to discourage athletes from, ahem, having a little too much fun. Plenty of Olympians tested out their theory.



The board was quick to set the record straight by resorting to TikTok to make the official statement.



Congrats to all our Olympic athletes!