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ICYMI: Everyone Is After John Wick In New 'Parabellum' Trailer!

Written by D.J. Rivera. Published: March 30 2019


The wait for more John Wick is almost over. Audiences everywhere, including myself, cannot wait to see the next chapter in the infamous dog-loving hitman’s saga. The first film introduced us to Keanu Reeves’s character of few words who loses his wife, his puppy, and his sweet ride. The immortal 50-year-old shocked audiences by brutally hunting down Theon Greyjoy and killing everyone who got in his way. The next chapter saw his past come back to haunt him, and in his onslaught of bullet-ridden mayhem, he breaks a cardinal rule: no violence on Continental grounds. Mr. Wick was given a head start before he was deemed excommunicado as well as having a large bounty placed on his head. And now the hunt is on and fans have a new glimpse at what’s in store in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.




There’s a lot to unpack in this one. Eagle-eyed Keanu fanatics will notice the quick nod to his days in The Matrix -- when asked what he needs, he responds with “guns, lots of guns.” The titular contract killer is throwing dozens of knives at people, shooting guys on horseback, and swinging a samurai sword while speeding down a bridge on a motorcycle. Picking up not too long after moviegoers last saw good old John in 2017's John Wick: Chapter 2, the $14 million bounty and the fact that the High Table wants him dead means that every assassin in the game is looking to collect on this contract. These bloodthirsty killers and his excommunication from the elaborate underground world that exists in this universe have caused him to seek out whatever allies he has left, even if that ends up being a very painful process. This fight for survival sees the return of some familiar faces as well as the addition of some new characters from this secret empire. 




The Continental’s own Ian McShane and Lance Reddick return to open the vault to give Jonathan all the toys he needs to have some serious fun when his new friends come after him. In his quest to stay alive, he also seeks out Sofia, a sultry seductive siren played by Halle Berry. This femme fatale with a killer attitude isn't that pleased to see her fellow contract killer and she tests out the kevlar in his wardrobe to remind him of her true feelings. Sofia is good with a gun but her K9 counterparts are the real game changer, as they attack at will when their queen commands them, definitely giving her an edge in a fight. 




Asia Kate Dillon plays a member of the High Table known as The Adjudicator. This character and the other board-like members of this secret society are all very against Wick continuing to breathe -- all except for one. Angelica Huston portrays another remember of The High Table called The Director and has been described as a protector of John Wick. Mark Dacascos is also entering the mix as an assassin named Zero who has a personal vendetta against the man on the run. 




The Matrix reunion continues once again as Laurence Fishburne will be getting his homeless man look out of the locker and taking on the role of the Bowery King once again. Going with the underground crime lord is funny man Jason Mantzoukas, who plays a hitman that goes by the name Tick Tock Man, which is very fitting giving the theme of the promo. And actor Saïd Taghmaoi makes his John Wick debut as The Elder in the 3rd action movie. 


The Wick flicks have been extremely entertaining and resonated very well with fans. Keanu’s 8th and arguably best character named John is among one of his most badass personas. That is really saying something given the titles in his filmography. Wick never lets anything shake him, and no matter what the threat is that is after him, he always has the same resilient fortitude. After 2 installments, his skill and will are no match for any on-comer, and if those in power plan to bring him down, they’ll need to up their game if they want to do what so many others could not. In Latin, Parabellum means “Prepare for War”, and that is what fans should definitely expect when the 3rd chapter in the John Wick legacy finally arrives. Between the stakes, the players, and the action, this is one war you won’t want to miss. 


John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum blasts into theaters May 17, 2019.


(Image via Lionsgate Movies)


- D.J. Rivera, YH Contributing Writer