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(Image © 20th Century Fox/Alien Anthology)

ICYMI: 40th Anniversary of 'Alien' Offers Fans 6 Terrifying 'Alien'-Inspired Shorts!

Written by D.J. Rivera. Published: March 24 2019


In 1979, Alien released in theaters, starring Sigourney Weaver as a badass protagonist who goes toe-to-toe with the infamous double-mouthed creature, and literally shocked the world. This B-movie defied the odds and became an iconic piece of horror cinema. The film inevitably became a franchise which has gone on to gain a massive following through its sequels, prequels, comic books, and video games. The compelling story of the Alien saga continues to grow 4 decades later and shows little signs of slowing down. Now, in honor of its 40th anniversary, a new group of storytellers has been brought in to bring fans some new terrifying tales of alien horror. They have the skills, passion, and an unprecedented level of access to the property. So everyone that is loyal to the Xenomorph Queen can celebrate this epic milestone with 6 brand new short films.




Instead of going with seasoned Alien filmmakers like Ridley Scott or James Cameron, the thinking for the big 4-0 was to get a new set of minds into the mix. Fox’s desire for a fresh take on the Xenomorph mythology lead them to the platform for creators known as Tongal. This online platform connects brands, studios, and networks with filmmakers to crowdsource new content. Through Tongal, over 550 stories were pitched and 6 were inevitably chosen to bring some unique and innovative tales to expand on the Alien brand. 



- D.J. Rivera, YH Contributing Writer