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Iconic '90s Film 'Cruel Intentons' Returning To Theatres For 20th Anniversary!

Published: 03-18-2019
by D.J. Rivera
The ’90s were a wild ride, especially when it came to movies. One thing that was big back then was teen movies. Of these tales of high school ups and downs, titles like Clueless and American Pie were considered pretty raunchy in their day. But one of these depictions of young adult drama that truly stands out as the Basic Instinct of teen flicks and has some placing it on a pedestal as being a solid piece of cinema history. The film in question helped close out the decade and, while the critics panned it, this one seduced audiences everywhere, resulting in a box-office hit. And now, in honor of this widely accepted teen erotic romance classic’s 20th anniversary, Cruel Intentions will return to theaters for one week for everyone to relive one of the staple films of the late-'90s.
Set in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Cruel Intentions was a modern-day update of the 1782 novel Dangerous Liaisons. The film's story follows rich stepsiblings (Ryan Philippe and Sarah Michelle Gellar) who place a divisive bet that involves a sports car, a virgin, and what we’ll call "the sampling of the forbidden fruit". It offers a bold glimpse at the sinister side of the rich and elite, those that are so wealthy and bored that their only entertainment comes from toying with others and having no care for the consequences. The story plays out better than most thrillers from that era and has a very satisfying ending. It had such an impact with audiences that it also spawned 2 direct-to-video sequels, almost was rebooted into a TV series, and is now a Broadway show. So there are a lot of reasons to get excited about this one coming back to the big screen. Besides having an alluring plot to enjoy, this nasty, sultry moving picture was full of great performances that helped launch the careers of Philippe, Gellar, Reese Witherspoon, and Selma Blair
While the entire cast does an amazing job in the film, the true standout is Gellar. If you go see this film for any reason at all, it should be to catch this actress in rare form. This film would not be the same without Gellar’s captivating portrayal of the maniacal Kathryn Merteuil. In my mind, this is Gellar’s best performance of her entire career. And I’m not the only one that thinks so, because she did walk away with 2 of Hollywood’s greatest accolades for cinema -- a Teen Choice Award and an MTV Movie Award -- for her performance as the cruelly-intentioned villain. It is sad that this was the last glimpse of her true dark side before she went on a family-friendly run. Maybe this nostalgic experience will rekindle her desire to play the character and we can get a real sequel, not the one that everyone, especially Amy Adams, wants to forget. This will be a treat for those who are fans of the film and for those new to it to truly experience what it was like to see it when it first released. A great opportunity to really experience some truly iconic Cruel Intentions. 
Get ready to return to Manchester Prep when Cruel Intentions gets re-released for a one-week engagement nationwide starting March 22, 2019.
- D.J. Rivera, YH Contributing Writer