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Hulu's 'Behind You' Is The Perfect Way To Kick Off Halloween Season!

09-10-2020 by Adriana Darcy

  ( © Hulu)  


It is September, which means it's basically Spooky Season now, and Hulu recently released a new horror movie that's perfect to get you in the mood! The R-rated film Behind You is perfect for those that are just getting into the horror genre -- It is scary without being overwhelmingly so, it is only 86 minutes long, and has an interesting plot similar to that of the Insidiousseries.




Behind You starts out with 3 young sisters alone at home. The oldest, Beth, and her boyfriend Charles are reading a scary story about a demon that possesses people through mirrors to the youngest, Angela. When Angela goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror, she sees the demon from the story grab her from behind...


The film then flashes forward 40 years. The middle sister, Rachel, has died, leaving her two young daughters, Olivia and Claire, with her friend Camilla, but because Camilla is moving across the country, she leaves the girls with their aunt Beth until she can get into contact with their estranged father. Olivia and Claire have never met their aunt Beth and aren’t thrilled to live with her, just as Beth is not thrilled to host them. Beth gives the girls a strict curfew and doesn't allow them to enter her office or the basement. 


While staying at the house, Olivia (the oldest) finds all of the mirrors in a bathroom covered. Curious as to what is underneath, she peels it back and is attacked by the same demon that attacked Angela but is able to get away. Later on, Claire goes into her aunt’s study, takes the key to the basement, and goes down there, where she is confronted and possessed by the demon.




When Beth realizes what has happened, she works with Charles to kill Claire before she can hurt anyone. Olivia, not realizing that Claire is possessed, thinks that Beth is insane, before finally accepting the truth and trying to find a way to save her sister without killing her.




The scariest part of this movie is definitely the jump-scares and the built-up tension. The cat-and-mouse style of the film keeps viewers on their toes, never knowing if Beth is going to get to Claire before Olivia can. The storyline keeps viewers hooked and takes on a unique form of possession using mirrors. It reminds me of the Bloody Mary stories we would tell as kids!




So if you're looking for some good old-fashioned scares and thrills to get you in the mood for Halloween, fire up Behind You on Hulu tonight!