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How To Achieve The Trendy "Cloud Skin" Makeup Look!

02-21-2023 by Ahshara Colon

(Bex Cxmpbell/TikTok/@bexcxmpbell)


Cloud Skin is the newest makeup trend that has everyone looking flawless and feeling like they’re on… well, a cloud!


Makeup has changed a lot over the last few years. Back in the early-2000s, lip-gloss was all the rage; we were experimenting with sultry eyeshadows and lots of color in our cheeks. We were tweezing our eyebrows for the most perfectly thin arch and using lots of lipliner.


Society then graduated to more of a full coverage look and bold lips. We’re talking matte foundations, matte lipsticks, highlighter, winged eyeliner, and lots of mascara. This was the era of popular YouTubers and influencers like Jackie Aina,James Charles, and Jaclyn Hillcoming to fruition, and the “full coverage” look became a trend. And, of course, our eyebrows got better. The thinly-arched eyebrows gave way to full eyebrows with a slight arch and a more bold and more noticeable look. We got introduced to things like contour, and bronzer, and the cut crease!


In 2020, the Pandemic allowed for a lot of people to work from home. Therefore, their skin was able to breathe and take a break from the heavy makeup that they were so used to. So, heavy makeup became less of a necessity. We were focused on taking care of our skin so there was less of a demand for heavy makeup.


Now, we are (mostly) post-Pandemic and we are backing away from the “full coverage” matte look to a softer, less coverage and dewier look. Gone are the days of full matte. So, what is this new trend called? Cloud Skin. You might be wondering, "What on earth is Cloud Skin?", and honestly, so was I.


This new makeup trend is a blend of late-2010s matte makeup trends and early-2020 dewy makeup trends. It still reinforces the matte look so that we get that blurred effect but it also hints to us that we should all be taking care of our skin so that our makeup applies seamlessly. This trend focuses on accentuating our natural beauty and not covering it up.


Apparently we are done with glowy skin & now onto CLOUD SKIN☁️ honestly love how it looks but i miss the natural skin trend?

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The basis of Cloud Skin is that we are mixing glowy/dewy makeup with matte. So, powder-based products are really important. For example, setting your makeup with Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder after applying primer and foundation would help you achieve that Cloud Skin look. Or, using a matte foundation and then using a dewy setting spray. It’s all about creating that perfect harmony between the two! There are many tips and tricks to this trend, as everyone has different types of skin; trying this trend may be a little different for someone who has dry skin as opposed to someone with combination skin, so make sure you choose products that you know work for you!


Honestly, Cloud Skin seems like a really cool trend and I’m so excited to try it out. Brb while I go raid my makeup drawers for the perfect Cloud Skin products!