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Harry Styles Breaks the Internet with “Falling” Music Video!

02-28-2020 by Nicole Koch

  ( © Harry Styles/YouTube)  


Harry Styles stans… our boo has done it again.


First of all, "Falling" is my FAVORITE song on his album, Fine Line, so this music video is truly a treat.


As you watch the video, you go through a rollercoasterrr of emotions.


The music starts… you see Harry soaking wet as the piano plays and you start to get in your feels. He sings “you’re not here” and you’re thinking like, I’M RIGHT HERE, I GOT YOU.


The camera gets close to his sweet face, and all you see are his dimples and perfectly-coiffed hair. Water pours out of his piano, symbolizing that his emotions are being released through his music.


The room starts to fill higher and higher with water, and you realize that his emotions (as well as yours!!!) are too much to take. You just want to give him a hug.


You panic because you worry he’s about to drown, and then suddenly he’s fully submerged, and there’s nothing you can do. Weirdly enough, he’s perfectly calm, singing the last lyrics of the song, almost like he’s given up.


You wonder what the hell inspired this tragic yet beautiful magic!


The music video ends, and you’re left loving Harry more than you ever did before. *End scene*


Check out Harry’s masterpiece below:




As per usual, Twitter did its thing once Harry released the video, and I’m featuring the most dramatic reactions below!














What’s YOUR favorite part of Harry’s "Falling" music video?!


Let us know, and in the meantime please take care of yourselves bbs.