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First 'Wonder Woman 1984' Trailer Hits Us Right In The Nostalgia Bone!

12-10-2019 by Katie Marzullo

  ( © Warner Bros. Pictures)  


Let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane. The year is 1984, and a little girl named Katie is the biggest Wonder Woman fanatic on the planet. She's read all the comics, watched all the TV shows, wore out every pair of Underoos she owned, and her mother made her homemade silver bracelets and a tiara out of cardboard and felt. She even had a golden lasso. The child was obsessed. Wonder Woman was her first fictional role model, and her favorite stories were the ones where the Amazon princess battled her arch-nemesis Cheetah.


That child was, of course, me, and all of this is to say, Patty Jenkins clearly made Wonder Woman 1984specifically for 4-year-old Katie.


Your Honor, I'd like to introduce Exhibit A...


Over the weekend, the first trailer for Jenkins’s follow-up to 2017’s Wonder Woman finally hit the Web and it’s had me all up in my childhood feels ever since.




WW84jumps ahead 66 years from the first movie to the glorious ‘80s, where Diana Prince (Gal Godot), being an immortal Amazon demigoddess and all, hasn’t aged a day and is serving all kinds of contemporary looks – not the least of which is her standard red, blue, and gold costume (which seems even more vibrant in this movie, no doubt to match the color saturation of the decade it takes place in) and even her famous Golden Eagle armor, which was first introduced in the comics in 1996. Even before this trailer dropped, we knew that Chris Pine would be returning as Steve Trevor, which left many a head scratching since (spoiler alert!) Steve died at the end of the previous movie. And even if he hadn’t, he would be like 100 years old in 1984. So what gives?


Well, it seems as though the mystery surrounds the character played byPedro Pascal, Maxwell Lord. Originally just an ordinary businessman and ally of the Justice League, he eventually goes dark and gains some supernatural abilities, and he is even killed by Wonder Woman in the comics. In the trailer, he seems to hold the key to Steve Trevor’s reappearance, hinting at some sort of ability to make dreams come true. Does he somehow grant Diana’s wish of seeing Steve again? And is she responsible for his fannypack too?


Meanwhile, we get our first glimpse of Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva, AKA Cheetah, although we don’t get any sort of peek of her AS Cheetah – which is honestly what I am here for, because, like I said above, Cheetah was my absolute favorite of WW’s enemies. Something tells me that Maxwell Lord will also play a role in Barbara Ann becoming imbued with cheetah-like abilities… whatever exactly that entails. We shall have to wait and see.


Also, it looks as if we’ll be heading back to Diana’s homeland of Themyscira, where some sort of Amazon Olympics appear to be taking place. Since Diana herself cannot return to the island, are her Amazon sisters planning to join her in the human world to help her defeat her enemies? And how damn scary are these enemies that she – a near-indestructible superhero already – needs to whip out golden armor?! Like, she defeated a GOD in the last movie for crying out loud with only her leotard and her fists… Maxwell Lord and Cheetah must be formidable af, y’all!!!


All this and more shall be revealed when Wonder Woman 1984 hits theatres on June 5, 2020!