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Everything You Need To Know About Netflix's New Teen Drama 'All Together Now'!

08-27-2020 by Mary Shannon Donnelly

  ( © Netflix)  


If you cannot wait for the next feel-good summer teen movie that also might bring a few tears to your eyes, you do not have to wait much longer! This Friday (August 28), Netflix will be releasing its newest original movie All Together Now, a story about finding hope even in the darkest of times and leaning on those closest to you – two messages that are pretty relevant for many of us during 2020. The film is directed by Brett Haley, whose previous work includes All the Bright Places, and from the producers of Love, Simon and The Fault in our Stars. Based on these previous credits, we can assume that tissues will need to be handy during this movie!




All Together Now is based on the teen novel Sorta Like a Rockstar, which was written by the author Matthew Quick, most notably known for also writing The Silver Linings Playbook. The film stars Auli’i Cravalho (AKA the voice of Moana) and follows her character Amber Appleton, who is a musically talented teen with a dream to study music at Carnegie Mellon. Like many high schoolers, Amber is working hard to balance high school, drama club, her job at the local donut shop, and volunteering at the local retirement home. But, Amber happens to be homeless and is living in the back of the yellow school bus that her mother drives. While she is not only working to support herself but also her mother, Amber continues to be optimistic about her circumstances. However, as optimistic about life as Amber may be, struggles still threaten her dream of attending college and she will have to learn to accept help from those around her!


Some other familiar faces that you will see in All Together Nowinclude: Rhenzy Feliz, formally on "Teen Wolf" and "Marvel’s Runaways"; "SNL" alum Fred Armisen; the legendary Carol Burnett;Justina Machado from "Jane the Virgin"; and more! Of course, there will be some new faces hitting the screen as well, such as Taylor Richardson, Anthony Jacques, and Gerald Issac Waters, who all play Amber’s friends alongside Feliz.


This movie is the perfect coming-of-age teen drama to ring in the new school year, but it also teaches viewers the importance of learning to accept help from others. Netflix hit the ball out of the park with the casting of this film, and I cannot wait until tomorrow to finally be able to stream All Together Now. And if you want to hear a sneak peek debut of Auli’i Cravalho’s new song “Feels Like Home” before the premiere on Friday, check out the video below!