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"Dish This" Is The New YouTube Cooking Competition Featuring Your Favorite TikTokers & Internet Stars!

08-07-2020 by Mary Shannon Donnelly

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Do you love YouTube? Cooking Competitions? And TikTok? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you are going to enjoy AwesomenessTV’s newest YouTube series, "Dish This". Hosted byJoey Sklandany from Chowhound, "Dish This" will be a 6-episode series where competitors go head-to-head in the kitchen to try to recreate some of Joey’s best dishes from his newest cookbook Basic Bitchen.
However, the competitors will not be given a recipe to follow! They will have to cook the perfect dish based solely on a photo of the final product. Besides the goal of recreating one of Joey’s most famous dishes, competitors will also be given challenges throughout the episode. Winning these challenges could be crucial to a contestant's win, as it will allow them to receive tips on how to cook their dish or give them the opportunity to sabotage someone else.
The first episode of the series went live on August 4th and featured a showdown no one wants to miss. It was Sister versus Sister asDaniella and Devenity Perkins faced off to see who could make the best “Gossip Worthy Sunday Pancakes” without a recipe. The sisters are two social media stars who have captured the spotlight on TikTok with their dancing videos and have gained over 2.6 million followers. The two have also accumulated a following on YouTube filming vlogs that document the girls' day-to-day lives, viral trends, fashion tips, and more. I am not going to spoil which sister wins, but you will definitely have to watch and see for yourself! The “Gossip Worthy Sunday Pancakes” recipe, as well as all future recipes from "Dish This", will be made available on AwesomenessTV’s TikTok account for viewers to learn how to make the featured dishes at home!

@joeyskladany is serving up blueberry pancake goodness!?Duet and show us your creation! ? ##DishThis##RamsayReacts##mipan

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If you are interested in who else will be featured on "Dish This" in upcoming episodes, you will not be disappointed. The series will star some of your favorite TikTokers and internet sensations. The lineup includes Sway House members Noah Beck, Griffin Johnson, Blake Gray, and Kio Cyr, as well as other online influencers such as Brittany Broski,Sarah Schauer, Cristian Dennis,Tyshon Lawrence, Sofie Dossi, andZak Dossi. So make sure to check out the first episode of "Dish This" on YouTube now, and if you want to test out your cooking skills as well, you can order Joey Sklandany’s cookbookBasic Bitchen today!