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Celebrating the Diversity of SPAM!

Written by Rita Korkounian. Published: January 05 2023
( © Tannis Toohey/Toronto Star via Getty Images)


I Heart SPAM (not the junk email).


A can of SPAM brings back so many memories. My childhood would not be complete without it. SPAM and eggs. SPAM and fried rice. A SPAMwich. I can go on. Are you hungry yet? Queasy?? Puh-lease! Yes, it looks like pink slime, but once you move past that tiny detail and try this delicacy, you’ll come to find that it’s actually quite tasty. As for all that rubbish about SPAM being a “mystery meat”... it’s no more of a mystery than all those other luncheon meats sitting in your fridge (hot dogs, bologna, turkey, etc). In fact, it’s no mystery at all! According to Hormel Food Corp’s website, which is dedicated to all things SPAM, the meat is comprised of pork shoulder, ham, salt, water, potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrite (to preserve freshness).


Look, there is no place for culinary snobbery here! SPAM was a food for the soldiers on the war front in WWII. It’s a go-to staple food during rough economic times (and these past 3 years have been rough indeed). Aside from it being a cheap staple food, SPAM is a “global icon”. People around the world love this ham-in-a-can! Hawaii tops the list for the #1 SPAM-consuming state in the country. SPAM is even on the menu at McDonalds and BK in Hawaii! Wait, but there is more SPAM trivia. Can you believe that over 7 billion cans of SPAM have been sold thus far? Holy SPAM! In addition, there is a museum dedicated to SPAM. Cool, huh?


Now you may be wondering what all this hoopla is over SPAM? Well, ladies and gents, SPAM is turning 86 years old this year, and this obviously calls for a celebration! As a tribute, let’s take a look at a few different SPAMalicious recipes!


SPAMkins Breakfast Muffins - This recipe got 5 stars, so you must make this delightful treat! I simply cannot wait to wrap my mouth around these sweet and savory SPAM with bacon breakfast muffins!


SPAM Musubi - A Hawaiian creation, the SPAM Musubi resembles SPAM sushi. It’s fried SPAM (coated with sweet soy sauce) and rice wrapped in seaweed. You are going to fall hard for this delectable snack. Guaranteed. You can always count on SPAM. 


SPAM Fried Rice - SPAM virgins, I think it’s time to pop that cherry. Don’t worry, no one will judge you. Most of your friends are in the closet SPAM lovers anyway! Listen, alls I got to say is, one bite of this SPAM fried rice and y’all will be hooked... I mean, de-virginized!


SPAM Burger - Slowly but surely, you will all convert to SPAMism. Have a little faith in SPAM! Try this beefy, cheesy, oniony, pineapply, SPAM-y burger for the ultimate SPAM experience. P.S. Looks like bacon has some competition. 


Maple SPAM Doughnuts- I ask that you don’t discriminate. At some time or another, you will have to accept that not all doughnuts will look and taste the same. Some will disappoint you, but others may pleasantly surprise you. This is the latter. A mini-explosion in your mouth. Yum.


Baked SPAMpanadas - Your doctor probably hates me, and rightfully so, but these SPAMpanadas are downright delicious. Definitely my guilty pleasure. Hey, they’re baked SPAM wontons... how unhealthy could they be? Don’t answer that question.


SPAM in the morning. SPAM in the evening. SPAM at suppertime. When SPAM is in a sandwich, you can eat SPAMwich anytime! Sorry, I’m a little excited. For more SPAMtastic recipes, see here. Sending you all lots of love, laughter, light, and SPAM!