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The 5 Most Visually Stunning Things In 'Avatar: The Way of Water'!

Written by Devon James. Published: January 04 2023
(20th Century Studios)


Fans of 2009's Avatar have been patiently waiting for the much-anticipated sequel for 13 years, and finally the wait is over. Skeptics wondered if the world of Pandora was worth revisiting after all that time away, but after seeing The Way of Water, the answer should be an resounding YES! The film is filled with amazing visuals that make James Cameron's groundbreaking work of the first movie look rigid. Included here are the most scenic moments that were created for this film!




1. The Way of the Water 

It's no secret that James Cameron has an affinty with what lies deep beneath the ocean, thanks to his movie Titanic and his many voyages to see the legendary wreckage for himself. The second installment of the Avatar series indulges his love of the ocean further, as it sees Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) finding a new home with the water-dwelling Metkayina. As we move away from the mountains and into the water, stunning detail shows the magnificence that the water is supposed to represent -- a sense of calm and peacefulness. Cameron invented underwater motion capture so that performances wouldn’t be hindered by moviemaking tactics. The underwater scenes show beautiful subterranean life on the planet of Pandora. From the plant life to the creatures in the water, it all feels as real as if we could go to our oceans to see them.


2. The Spiritual Cove

After the destruction of the Tree of Souls in the first movie, it wasn’t a surprise that a new spiritual place to connect with Eywa would be shown with the Metkayina. The tribe leaders take Jake and his family to the cove, bringing this majestic world to life once again. The cove feels like it should be a hidden away place in Hawaii. Besides the cove looking like a picture out of a book, the true magic comes from Eywa. The pulses of energy that serge through the cove, illuminating underneath the water, make you feel like you're in an art exhibit.


3. New Creatures of the World 

In this new wet and tropical world is the addition of new species and creatures we haven’t seen before. While we got a glimpse of the connections with the mountain banshees in the last movie, underwater species we haven’t seen before include the Tsurak that the Metkayina use for transportation. Much like the flying fish of our world, these creatures that the Na’vi connect with are Metkayina’s mode of transportation. The other new creatures are a whale species that are considered to be spiritually connected with the Metkayina. As the characters ride them to get from place to place, their visual splendor is unlocked.


4. A New Civilization 

As the non-native forces from the first movie come back to handle their business from before, a new perspective on how they are trying to establish themselves takes over. The advances that humans are taking on Pandora become more clear as we see the futuristic robots that are constructing this new home for humans. It is briefly mentioned that the environment on the planet is not doing well, so the eventual collision between the two forces is inevitable. Seeing this new civilization not only reminds us of the past but warns us of the future that can result from colonizing other planets. 


5. The Mountain of the Past

Although only in the film briefly at the beginning, the giant tree that houses the Na’vi is shown like never before. Floating camera shots take us through the network that the tree provides -- homes for families, places for children to play, and, most importantly, how they are able to connect with the planet through it. 


Avatar: The Way of Water is now in theatres.