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06-06-2020 by Sarrah Wolfe

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Your chances of winning the lottery might be higher than scoring tickets to see the next artist we have in store for you – her most recent show sold out in only 1 minute. But that shouldn’t stop you from stanning. You’d be doing yourself a huge disservice.


So who is this artist that everyone (including us here at Young Hollywood) is dying to see? Listen for yourself first!




Yerin Baek is her name, and she hails from Korea where she has already topped the charts with her sweet-sounding vocals and genre-blending style. Not only has she seen success on the charts, Yerin Baek swept the 17th Korean Music Awards this year, winning Record of the Year, Best Pop Song, AND Best Pop Album.


And for good reason. Yerin Baek has refined her style into a perfect combination of R&B and pop tacked onto a lovable DIY aesthetic. Her unique sound is sure to leave you swaying around your room in a spirit of carefree jubilee. Don’t believe me? Check out “Popo (How deep Is our love?)” from her 2019 album Every letter I sent you.:




It makes a lot of sense why her show sold out so quickly. She is just that good. Both her studio albums and live albums showcase an unrivaled talent that is set to take over charts across the globe.  




Yerin Baek was scheduled to tour internationally this fall, but it’s uncertain when that tour will actually take place with COVID-19 still posing difficulties. What we can count on though is a new album sometime this year. We don’t have much information yet about the album except that she plans on releasing it on her independent record label, Blue Vinyl, where she previously released a live album of her performances.


Despite the uncertainty that I’m sure is being experienced by artists across all genres, we are absolutely here for the new album when it does come. Meanwhile, be sure to stay updated by following her onInstagram and check out more of her tracks on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music