Written by Meg Spaulding. Published: January 24 2019


Justin Bieber superfans might have already heard of this artist on the rise, Moxie Raia, a singer, dancer, and choreographer who opened for The Biebs's Purpose Tour 2016. That means that this 28-year-old from New Jersey has already played incredible venues like Madison Square Garden and [insert the biggest arena in your city here]. She has also featured on many artists' tracks, including her Purpose Tour buddy, Post Malone. Now, Raia is coming into her very own spotlight, and for those of us who missed the Purpose Tour, we’re just glad to finally be in on the fun. 


Moxie Raia has had quite a journey to success. At age 6, she was a competitive dancer, and we all know how demanding the child dancing world is, thanks to "Dance Moms". She’s been writing songs since she was 10 years old, and at age 13 she applied to a performing arts school in New York City without telling her parents. Fortune favors the bold, they say, and this definitely seems to be true for Moxie Raia! Needless to say, after a lifetime of dancing, she’s a choreography whiz. Need proof? Here’s her latest music video, which she choreographed, directed, and starred in herself, alongside dancers Natalie Bebko and Rob Bynes.




Blue as a concept and an aesthetic features heavily in her new songs, and in this January cold snap, we can all relate. If you didn't get enough of a blue vibe from her hair, check out "Cold Outside", where the hair makes its debut. NYC in this video is icy cool, not unwelcoming but not exactly warm and cozy. It fits well with the theme of this song, which is about that longing feeling of wanting to get back with your ex, which can chill anyone to the bone.




Rewind a few years and you’ll find a slightly different vibe — "On My Mind" is warmer than "Shades of Blue" and "Cold Outside", as it literally features red-hot lava. Moxie Raia may have missed 5 trends, as she sings in “On My Mind”, but she seems to have noticed the one where everyone became obsessed with lava, the ultimate forbidden snack. Earth and fire drive home the grounded message of “On My Mind”, which focuses on Raia’s (and Pusha T’s) dedication to focusing on one specific dream that won’t leave her mind. I think we all have Moxie Raia on our minds after discovering this rising star!




Moxie's next single, "Pistol", is slated to drop early next month, so keep your eyes and ears open!


(Image via Gramophone Media)


- Meg Spaulding, YH Contributing Writer