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Written by Ahshara Colon. Published: May 06 2023


The last time we told you about FLO – the London-based R&B girl group consisting of members Stella Quaresma, Renee Downer, and Jorja Douglass formed in 2019 – they were conquering the world with their song “Cardboard Box”. Their lyrics and catchy tune were relating to millions all over the world! 


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Since then, FLO has embarked on a special journey, including more artist collaborations and a tour! They won the Rising Star Brit Award, gaining even more notoriety for themselves and building on the amazing legacy surrounding R&B girl groups, with sounds similar to groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child but with a modern twist. Some of FLO’s recent collabs include a remix of British rapper, singer, and songwriter Stormzy's song, “Hide & Seek”. The song features gentle acoustic sounds and a slow drum beat, making it beautiful arrangement of music and vocals.




FLO’s latest single, “Fly Girl”, released in March, is an upbeat dance beat featuring the one and only Missy Elliott!




With the release of more music and their increase in popularity, FLO just finished up their North American headlining tour! They made stops in Chicago, Atlanta, and New York, with their last stop being in Los Angeles on April 27. As a huge FLO fan, you know I just had to attend one of their shows, so I checked them out in New York at Webster Hall. The venue was filled with tons of fans who knew every lyri,c and as a special treat, FLO even sang a few songs that will be featured on their new album! I think I can speak for FLO fans when I say that their music speaks to you in so many different ways. Maybe you’ll cry when you hear “Losing You” or dance when you hear “Summertime”, but their music is something that so many people can relate to!


We highly recommend you check out FLO, if you haven’t already. If you are a lover of R&B, then this is definitely a group for you! FLO: “You came for the music, now stay for the vibes.”