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A MARVELous Experience Coming to a City Near You!

Written by Alexandra Melnick. Published: January 21 2014


ATTENTION MARVEL FANS: Clear your Summer calendars, because you are in for quite the action-packed treat!


Have you ever wanted to be a Super Hero? We have something that could bring you one step closer… This summer, Marvel Entertainment and Hero Ventures are working together to bring you a unique touring show, and they’re calling it “The Marvel Experience.”


Contrary to your initial thoughts, it’s not a musical theatre performance by your favorite Marvel characters… even though that would be pretty interesting. But, for all of you who have fantasized about living in one of Marvel’s superhero adventures, your dreams are about to become a reality! Hero Ventures will be developing a two-acre complex, and when you step inside this giant dome, you will be immediately immersed into the Marvel Universe!


Now I know you are dying to know what’s inside, so here it is: there will be virtual reality and holographic simulations, origin stories from the motion-comics, 3D animated features throughout the dome, a mega merchandise store, and a bunch of interactive games starring your favorite Marvel superheroes and agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! And, if that’s not enough… there will be a 4D MOTION RIDE! Talk about a full sensory experience, this tour has it all!


Marvel and Hero Ventures are looking to make this experience one that is absolutely unforgettable, and we are pretty sure this $30 million production has what it takes to take us on the journey of a lifetime. And we are on the edge of our seats waiting for more info on this epic journey! Oh, you are too?? Then sign up to receive updates from their site here!



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- Alexandra Melnick, YH Staff