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6 YouTubers Everyone With Type 4 Hair Should Be Following!

09-02-2020 by Tyler Bey

  ( © Shanique Buntyn/YouTube)  


Hair is an essential part of Black culture. It can quickly dominate any conversation at the diner table as aunties, cousins, and sisters share stories and advice about hair care and maintenance. I take immense pride in my culture's hair, and with this comes an understanding that it hasn’t always been so easy for Black people to embrace our fullness.


We’re just now coming out of a time of division, where “bad hair” (i.e.: hair with tighter curls and textures) was put up against “good hair” (hair with looser curls). This has caused a giant rift in what’s accessible to individuals with tighter curls as opposed to those with looser ones. While someone with Type 3 hair might be able to do one style seamlessly and easily, there may not be the proper tools, accessible quality hair products, or information for them to accomplish the same hairstyle as easily as their Type 3 counterpart. In our new age of self-love and Black empowerment, it’s essential now more than ever to share the love when it comes to Type 4 hair.


Here are YouTubers everyone with Type 4 hair needs to know about! 


1. One Smart Fro

This natural hair beauty has been posting videos on youtube for over 9 years, and her experience shows! She’s tried just about every brand, every style, and every look throughout her career. Her calming, down-to-earth personality makes it a pleasure to follow her tutorials. With over 29,000 subscribers, she’s established a family with her audience and you can truly feel her love for her viewers when you tune in. If you want a homey channel without the gimmicks, the cringey personalities, or clickbait, One Smart Fro is the way to go! 




2. Jawun Ahmud

Jawun Ahmud is goals in every sense of the word. He makes engaging content that’s so incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Jawun’s videos are unique because he integrates lifestyle advice into his haircare videos. You might go into one of Jawun’s videos wanting to know how to get perfect Sengalese twists and leave with not only an abundance of hair knowledge but also wanting the new shoes Jawun’s been loving this week, or the skincare product that’s really worked well for him this month. If you’re looking for a lifestyle one-stop shop, then Jawun Ahmud is the perfect channel for you!




3. OnlyOneJess

Talk about a cutie! With a personality just as bright as her beautiful smile, OnlyOneJess captivates her audience with her radiant energy. Watching her videos feels like you’re talking to your best friend who’s filling you in on her new hair life-hack. If you’re looking for a channel to really go in-depth on protective styles, OnlyOneJess is your girl. She recently just did a big chop and is rocking her new head of healthy curls; if you have hair on the shorter side, this is the perfect channel for you! With a new video every week for several years, this channel is a treasure chest for anyone with natural hair. She’s done it all, from wigs and braids to coloring to even skin care routines. OnlyOneJess has a large yet ever-growing family and you’ll feel right at home joining it!




4. NaturalReign

Let's talk about length! NaturalReign has some of the biggest and longest hair I’ve ever seen on someone with Type 4 hair. This YouTuber showed me the ropes in deep conditioning with heat and my hair loved this new-found moisture miracle. One thing that’s unique about NaturalReign is that she’s had colored hair for so long and has tried a few different colors over the years. If you’re looking for guides specifically for caring for colored natural hair, this YouTuber is perfect for you! With a loving personality, she cares for her audience members just like she cares for every strand of her hair. If you want guides on hair growth, hair coloring, and moisture retention, this channel has everything you’re looking for!




5. WillOnAWhim

Let's just get this out the way now: one thing about WillOnAWhim is that you’re going to laugh a lot while watching his videos! You might initially click on his page for his welcoming and inviting thumbnails, but you’ll stay for his hilarious and bubbly personality. Not to mention his insane knowledge on haircare! Although he may be the YouTuber with the loosest curls on this list, whether you have his exact texture or not, you’re absolutely going to learn something new about natural hair in every video. If you’re looking for a laugh and a burst of energy while you watch your hair care tutorials, WillOnAWhim is the perfect YouTuber for you!




6. Shanique Buntyn

All hail the queen! Shanique Buntyn is one of the BEST lifestyle influencers on YouTube, period. With over half a million subscribers, she has one of the biggest followings of any Type 4 natural hair YouTuber. A kindred spirit, she’s down-to-earth and kind in a way that’s so refreshing for YouTube! She knows it all because she’s done it all -- from color and a big chop to any protective style and wash-and-gos to blowouts and straightening, Shanique Buntyn knows absolutely everything there is to know about hair care. Although she’s the most popular YouTuber on this list, if you haven’t heard of her, you’re going to want to! Our conversation about natural hair has changed in the last 10 years; as we move forward into a culture that loves and embraces differences in our hair, Shanique Buntyn is an excellent channel to stick close to as we enter our new age of self-empowerment and celebration of what it means to be Black and joyous.