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6 Unorthodox Romance Movies To Watch This Valentines Day!

Written by Brittany Taormina. Published: February 14 2017


Love is in the air!


It’s Valentine's Day, and that means something different to just about everyone. It's easy to assume that single folks find this holiday loathesome, or to assume that all couples pull out all the stops for each other whenever February 14 rolls around. Don't be so quick to judge! Many couples aren't quite so gooey, just as many single people aren't quite that bitter. Somewhere in the middle, there are those people who view romance through a more... unorthodox lens. And it's those folks we celebrate right now, along with some unorthodox romance films that'll be right up their alley! Here is a list of movies for the more cynically-minded romantic!


1. Warm Bodies (2013)

A film about zombies might seem strange for Valentine's Day. You would assume that this would be a better fit for Halloween. However, the unconvential bond between zombie and human will be sure to (literally) pull at your heartstrings this year.




2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

This film follows an estranged couple as they decide to take extreme measures and have the other completely erased from their memories -- YIKES! Things don't quite go as planned, though, because they can't seem to stop reuniting and falling for each other all over again! What sounds like a crazy plot for a film ends up being a beautiful love story and is said to be one of the greatest films of its time.




3. Love Actually (2003)

Having nine interconnecting stories in one film can seem confusing. However, Love Actually focuses on how these people deal with different aspects of love in their life. There are multiple unconventional love stories on display here that will make you appreciate the complexity of the word “love” itself.




4. Transformers (2007)

I know, I know -- an action movie on February 14th is definitely in unorthodox territory. The teenage love story of popular-girl-meets-unpopular-boy still plays and important role amongst Autobots and Decepticons. Who wouldn’t want Bumble Bee confessing their love for you through the radio?




5. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

A connection between the past and present is more important than you think. For a childhood love, it means everything. After the two separated at a young age, you will find how a game show and life experiences can lead you back to each other. Such an important film with great life lessons about your destiny.




6. Legally Blonde(2001)

Maybe this Valentine's Day is really about loving yourself. Let the magnificent Elle Woods help you find your inner confidence to do what's best for YOU -- and still get the guy in the end... even if it's not the one you were originally pursuing!




What’s YOUR favorite unorthodox romantic movie?


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- Brittany Taormina, YH Contributing Writer