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6 Mouth-Watering Treats You Can Find at County Fairs This Summer!

06-12-2022 by Geno Fernandez



Have you ever had deep fried Oreos along with alligator on a stick? No?! We haven’t either, but as we quickly approach the start of Summer, questions like these will need to be asked whilem making a trip to the State Fair. So, come hungry and bring an extra pair of sweatpants/shorts, because we’re going to share with you some sweet finds of this year’s most popular treats at the County Fair.  


1. Alligator on a Stick (Wichita Riverfest)

In its final weekend is Wichita’s Riverfest, with the most bizarre food to top our list: Alligator on a Stick. Brought to you by the team at Big G’s Burgers, visitors can experience biting into what most say tastes something between chicken and fish. The well-battered and deep fried reptilian treat takes top spot on our list.  



2. Cherry Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwich (L.A. County Fair)

L.A.-based Chicken Charlies debuted their latest creations of fair foods with their Cherry Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwich at this year’s L.A. County Fair. The sandwich is prepared by frying chicken breasts and then dipping it in the famous red syrup and served on a bun with spicy pickles. And you thought deep-fried Kool-Aid was the biggest thing to come out of the fair...



3. Dole Whip Watermelon Taco (Pima County Fair)

We got four words for you: Dole. Whip. Watermelon. Taco. The southwest entry to our list brings us to Tucson’s Pima County Fair with a sweet, spicy, and fruity Summer fair treat -- a hollowed-out watermelon slice shaped into a taco shell with Dole Whip ice cream filling topped with spicy Tajin. This taco creation should leave you with mouthwatering relief from the Summer heat.  



4. Slopper Burger (Colorado State Fair)

The upcoming Colorado State Fair has burger lovers covered with their Slopper, an open-faced cheeseburger smother in pueblo chile, cheese, and onions. The fair also is host to the World Slopper Eating Championship, a competition of who can devour the most sloppers the fastest using no utensils and throwing manners out the window.  



5. Octo-Tacos (Delaware State Fair)

Next month’s Delaware State Fair will have seafood lovers wanting more of their Octopus Tacos, aka “Octo-Tacos”. The food truck-run Seahog will be in attendance at this year's fair, serving up seafood creations for all fair goers running towards the end of July.


6. Caramel Apple Pie Pizza (New York State Fair)

Combining our love of fruit pies and pizza comes the New York entry of the Caramel Apple Pie Pizza. New York-based Toss N Fire Pizza will exclusively serve the savory and sweet treat at this year’s New York State Fair. The wood-fired roasted New York State apples, crumb topping, caramel sauce, and icing will give pizza-loving New Yorkers something to talk about.   


What treats would you try?!