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6 Helpful Tips for Staying Healthy and Safe (and Sane) From the Coronavirus

Written by María Calvo. Published: March 24 2020


Let’s address the microscopic elephant in the room: the coronavirus crisis has proven to be bigger than we initially thought. 


However, there are a lot of things that we can do to minimize our chances of getting sick. If all of us take them into account, then this situation might come around a bit faster!


It’s very important to take these measures seriously, not only for our own health, but because inmunodepresed people and high-risk groups can be greatly affected if we aren’t careful.


With that said, here are some helpful tips for staying healthy!


1. Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands

Very easy yet super effective.


Good hygiene is our best ally, since the virus can go for days unnoticed and consequently spreads very easily.


So, just to be safe, you should wash your hands frequently for about 20 seconds – and make sure you cover all areas (don't forget to give your nails a little scrub as well)! For some people, what works best is to choose a fragment of a song they like and play it in their head – that way, you can know for how long you need to do it!




2. Hand Sanitizer Just Became Your Best Friend


Some people might have trouble washing their hands so often, especially at work or while travelling.


A very convenient option is to use hand sanitizer: it’s cheap, smells good, and can fit into a bag. In my experience, it’s great for public transport and other crowded places.


However, there’s no need to go crazy – a little bottle should be enough!




3. Stay At Home


Remember how every weekend you say that you only want to watch Netflix and chill? Well, now it’s the perfect time to just relax and stay indoors.


Avoiding large groups is a very powerful measure to prevent contagion: Unless you need to take care of others (your pets included!) or do grocery shopping, you should try to be as far as possible from populated areas – and keep a 3 to 6-feet distance at public gatherings if you can.


Take this as an opportunity to finally catch up on your to-watch list, spend time with your roommates, and make that recipe that you saw on Instagram!




4. Be Extra Nice To Customer Service Staff


Although this isn’t technically a tip, a lot of people are overworking so your life stays as normal as possible: nurses, drivers, and grocery staff deserve to be treated politely and with respect now more than ever.


Pacience and kindness can really make a great difference, so keep that in mind at all times!


5. Stay Strong: Take Your Vitamins and Stay Hydrated


Your immune systems needs to be in shape, so asking your local pharmacists what supplements might come in handy for you might be a good idea.


Also, don’t forget to eat balanced meals, rest, and stay hidrated! This is essential for your body in any context, since not taking care of yourself can make you feel weak and tired.


Although this may not look like a priority right now, it really can go far when it comes to battling a virus.


6. Don’t Panic: It Really Isn’t The End of the World!


Although we need to take the situation seriously, this doesn’t mean that we have to be stressed 24/7.


As someone who’s currently on lockdown in Spain – we’re one of those countries that underestimated the proportions of the crisis -- let me tell you this: buying scandalous quantities of toilet paper doesn’t help anyone. Just listen to the recommendations from your government and take the precautions advised.


We can get through this, we only need to work together and think about others’ necessities as well!