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5 Everyday Make-up Routines From Your Favorite TV Actresses!

03-23-2020 by María Calvo

  ( © Madelaine Petsch/YouTube)  


Have you ever wanted to look like Madelaine Petsch, Nina Dobrev, or Adelaide Kane? Then it’s your lucky day!


Let’s take a look at how these iconic celebrities do their everyday make-up to learn a thing or two about why they always look so gorgeous!


Madelaine Petsch


“I tend to not wear lipstick in my personal life, ironically because I do wear it a lot in my work life.”


Looking for a natural and easy summer look? "Riverdale" star Madelaine Pestch has a 15-minute style that can totally work for you! It’s literally perfect for when you’re not feeling super extra but still want to look cute.


Madelaine has uploaded many beauty videos in her YouTube channel, but I love the one below because it’s a very quick and simple routine that you can use to go to class, work, or even hang out with your friends.


Still, it’s so weird to see her so far from her diva character!




Nina Dobrev


“I’m super insecure with my dark circles, because I was in a vampire show for a very, very long time so we shot at night and we didn’t sleep very much.”


From naming her pimples to giving free tips for our eyes, Nina Dobrev’s make-up routine is priceless!


Her beauty make-up routine quickly allows us to change from day to night events, and her advice is highly appreciated, since her final look is totally flawless. The red lipstick truly makes a difference and gives us real Katherine Pierce vibes from her time in "The Vampire Diaries".




Shay Mitchell


“When you see girls or me or whatever on a magazine or TV, you have to remember that we have professionals that are doing our makeup and hair.”


"Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell doesn’t need make-up to look gorgeous, but her tricks to apply foundation or highlighter are welcomed. Since she admits that she’s not a beauty expert and that she is still learning from her mistakes, her everyday make-up tutorial is really helpful and easy to follow.


Also, listening to her while watching the video is super entertaining and calming, so you should check out the rest of her beauty series!




Adelaide Kane


“Blending: the most time consuming part of make-up.”


Want to look like a stunning queen? "Reign" star Adelaide Kane is here to teach us how to get the look in only 5 minutes.


If you are looking for a simple look that is perfect for oversleeping mornings, Adelaide is your girl. In this effortless and natural style, she gives us some pieces of advice to accentuate our inherent beauty.


Adelaide tells us exactly what brands she usually uses, so there’s no way of doing it wrong: This is a safe bet that doesn’t require a lot of effort but still makes you look great!




Arden Cho


“Why spend so much money on something I don’t even know how to use?”


And we couldn’t forget "Teen Wolf"’s legendary Arden Cho! Her video (not tutorial, according to her) is super casual and lowkey. She walks us through her most common look when filming and even gives us some hints on how she does her hair as well!


The final result looks very natural yet charming, which is perfect for an everyday routine! Also, it’s encouraging to see how affordable her products are – it’s not easy to follow some beauty tutorials on a budget!