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6 Female Artists Making Waves In The Alt Music Scene!

Written by Ashley Parham. Published: March 07 2024


The alternative music scene is booming. Between social media’s ability to promote artists and the nostalgic revival of various subgenres of rock and metal, there’s a wide variety of alternative artists finding success. Today, we want to highlight the women in particular. Women have had to fight for their place within alternative music, but they’re absolutely slaying the scene. Here are 5 of our favorite modern female artists in alternative music that should be on your radar!


1. Scene Queen

Scene Queen has released two EPs and several singles. Her EPs, Bimbocore and Bimbocore Vol. 2, were both released in 2022 and gained traction online. Scene Queen embraces hyper-femininity and writes music that is meant to empower women. She creates unapologetically feminist metalcore music and aims to make women more comfortable in the metal scene. Historically, female artists have been overlooked in the alternative scene, and female fans have faced misogyny. Scene Queen is making it clear that even the girliest girls have a place in the scene, and she is carving a path for other feminine alternative artists to be their truest selves. She is a powerful voice in the scene, not only because of her impressive vocals but also because of her bold lyrics. Her 2023 single “18+” calls out predatory behavior within the heavy metal music scene and speaks truths that many people have avoided acknowledging. Her first full length album is set to release this Spring, and she has a new single called “Finger” out now!




2. Honey Revenge

Honey Revenge is a female-fronted band from Los Angeles that consists of vocalist Devin Papadol and guitarist Donovan Lloyd. The pop-rock band leans into both aspects of their genre. Their debut album, Retrovision, was released in 2023 and has brighter sonic aspects but also uses the type of guitar riffs and drum beats you’d expect from a rock album. They have a fun and energetic sound, but their lyrics have emotional depth. Their music is reminiscent of the pop-rock music from the 2010s, but it definitely has a current vibe. Their music and aesthetic is nostalgic without feeling tired. If you want to dance, jump, and maybe even cry a bit to process your emotions, this is the band to listen to. Honey Revenge has previously toured with Loveless, and they just completed a tour with Meet Me @ The Altar. Album #2 is in the works, and it’s sure to capture our attention like everything we’ve heard so far. They have a unique spark, and it’ll be exciting to see what they do next!




3. K. Flay

K. Flay began making music as a response to the misogynistic music she was hearing on the radio, and she has since released 5 full albums. In 2018, her song “Blood in the Cut” was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song and her album Every Where Is Some Where was nominated for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. In 2022, she went deaf in her right ear. After this sudden change in circumstances, she wrote and released her 2023 album MONO. The alternative rock album is filled with raw emotion. Her ability to adapt and persist is impressive and inspiring. As an artist, she is the real deal. Her discography ventures into various genres with clear rock and hip-hop influences. Her writing is honest; it deals with mental health, physical health, and relationships in a way that unlocks deep emotions. Her songs “High Enough” and “Giver” were featured in the CW show "Riverdale", and she has collaborated with rock icons like Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Travis Barker (blink-182), and Grandson. Earlier this year, she released a single called “Carsick”, and she is currently on tour in support of MONO.





UPSAHL released her debut album, Lady Jesus, in 2021, which explores her anger and emotions after experiencing a messy breakup. Her music is passionate and relatable to her Gen-Z peers. In 2022, she released her single “Monica Lewinsky”, in which she, in addition to the title subject, name-drops Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. UPSAHL used the song to thank these women for what they went through as public figures in the '90s and 2000s. Pop culture is notorious for putting down women and capitalizing on their low moments, but UPSAHL has used her music to uplift them. We’re always here for women uplifting women, both past and present, and it’s especially great to see from a young woman rising in the alternative scene. She has gained recognition touring with Yungblud, Fletcher, and Melanie Martinez. Plus, in 2021, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park featured her on his single “Happy Endings”. She is a talented songwriter who is in touch with her emotions and sentiments widely shared by 20-somethings. Her success is only just beginning.




5. Millionaires

Millionaires is a scene group which formed in 2007, rising to prominence via Myspace and becoming a defining part of the early era of alternative expression on social media. Their explicit lyrics drew some criticism but were ultimately embraced within the scene. Their hit “Alcohol” was even featured in the third series of the U.K. teen drama, “Skins”. The group released their debut album Tonight in 2013 but became less active as the 2010s progressed. However, the 2020s have seen a revival of emo culture, of which scene is a subculture, and in 2023, Millionaires returned with new members. Founding member Melissa Marie returned to the stage at So What?! Music Festival in Dallas, Texas in June of 2023. She brought along a new lineup consisting of herself, singer Anissa Zermeno, and Emo Nite DJ Meredith Hurley. The return of Millionaires is nostalgic for everyone that lived for the era of 2000s electro-pop, and it’s exciting for the younger crowd looking to embrace this re-emerging genre. They will be releasing a new single called “MAKE A MiLLi” on March 8.




6. Chappell Roan
Chappell Roan is an openly queer alt-pop artist from the midwest. In 2023, she released her emotionally vulnerable debut album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess in which uses a blend of bops and ballads to detail her exploration of sexuality and self. She is quickly becoming an icon in the queer community, and she is embracing it fully. Her own journey of self-discovery has connected with a large audience of people. She appeals to her fellow Gen-Zers who are figuring themselves out, but she also injects a level of nostalgic sound into her music. Her ventures between alt-pop and synth-pop make her an innovative and unique artist of the modern era. She is currently on tour with Olivia Rodrigo through the end of the month, and she will be heading out on her own headlining tour in May!

Women have always been involved in the alternative music scene, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. These artists are shining examples of how women are thriving in the modern alternative scene. It can be difficult to be a woman in a space that hasn’t always welcomed femininity, but these artists are helping lead the way to make the alternative scene more inclusive.