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7 TV Shows That Will Make You Want To Move To New York!

Written by Tori Raphael. Published: March 06 2024


Do you ever dream of moving to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of? Do you find yourself wanting a city that never sleeps, full of life and colorful communities? Do you ever shout on the streets, “I’m Walking Here!!!”? Well, if you do, I have news for you -- you have New York Fever! And while we don’t encourage the spread of it, this list can provide some fuel for your New York obsession. Here is a list of some TV shows you can binge if you want to move to New York!


1 "Sex and The City"

I mean. it is in the title of the show, so this first choice should be pretty obvious! This show follows a writer, Carrie Bradshaw, as she blogs about her sexual experiences, friendships, and  life in the big city of New York. This TV series' arguable 5th character is the city of New York! Carrie runs around New York to lavish bars, art shows, and fashion exhibitors, while exploring herself and the world around her. "Sex and the City" is a must-see if you ever want to move to New York. Stream on Max.




2 "Girls"

While this choice might seem a little odd for this list, it fits perfectly in this spot. "Girls" is the HBO show starring Lena Dunham about a group of recent college graduates finding themselves and their careers early in their adult lives. This show doesn’t always glorify the New York experience, but it definitely shows how moving to the city can shape the kind of person you become. "Girls" is a must-watch if you ever want to watch an off-beat humorous show about young women in New York. Stream on Max.




3. "Friends"

The choice that probably comes to mind the soonest when you mention New York TV shows -- "Friends" is a great choice! "Friends" is about a group of (you guessed it!) friends living in New York. We follow them as they advance in their careers in a time when your friends are your family. This classic seroes is an integral show about living in New York. While, if you move there, you probably won't be able to afford the apartment they live in, you may be able to find your own friends! Stream on Max and fuboTV.




4. "Gossip Girls"

This teenage drama series from the early-2000s defined the wealthy teenage fashion scene for a long time. Starring Blake Lively, the show follows an anonymous blogger named Gossip Girl who exposes the secrets of the elite teenagers in the swanky Upper East Side of Manhattan. This show will make you wish you were as fashionable, but it will firstly make you want to move to New York! The city is definitely front and center in this show, and we can’t get enough. XOXO! Stream on Max.




5. "How I Met Your Mother"

"How I Met Your Mother" is a fantastic sitcom from the early-2000s about a man, Ted Mosby, trying to find his soulmate in the crazy dating scene in New York City. The show is gut-wrenchingly funny and will have you laughing the entire time. If you want some fun and learn more about the dating scene in New York, this show is for you. It’s Legen... wait for it... dary! Stream on Hulu.




6. "Succession"

Although we won’t be as ruthless in the business world, we would like to pretend we are on Wall Street this big. "Succession" is an incredible drama series about a wealthy family who struggles for power when their patriarch can't give away control of his media empire. "Succession" will definitely have you looking in the mirror while you plan to stab your business enemies in the back. But if you can take a step away from being too competitive, this show will also make you want to see the business side of New York. Stream on Max.




7. "30 Rock"

The hilarious sitcom starring Tina Fey is about a woman trying to run a successful TV sketch comedy show against the odds. The show is funny and will make you want to visit 30 Rockefeller. If you want to explore the entertainment side of New York, this show is for you! Stream on Peacock and Hulu.