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6 Feel-Good TV Shows To Boost Your Mood Right Now!

03-20-2020 by Calissa Kirilenko

  ( © Netflix)  


We are currently living in a unique time, and it’s completely understandable that you might be feeling more stress, anxiety, or nervousness.


There’s no perfect way to make all that go away; however, sometimes turning on the TV to your favorite comedian or a lighthearted sitcom can make you feel more relaxed.


If you need a laugh or simply some great entertainment, these shows are sure to turn your mood around!


1. "Ellen"


When you hear the name Ellen DeGeneres, you can’t help but smile.


Whether she’s dancing it out with our favorite celebrities, playing Heads Up, or bringing tears of joy to our eyes with inspirational stories from incredible humans, Ellen is always worth our time.


Watch on EllenTV.com.




2. "Grace and Frankie"


The combo of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin surviving the twilight years of life together after their divorces is everything we need in life.


You may not be able to hang out with your friends right now, but you’ll find two new ones in this amazing duo.


Catch it on Netflix.




3. "Friends"


If, for some reason, you have never seen every episode of Friends, or even if you have, there’s no better time to watch the show.


You can even draw inspiration on how to clean from Monica, or fun games to play from Chandler and Joey. If nothing else, it is guaranteed to make you feel good.


Episodes and complete seasons are available to purchase on Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and Vudu.




4. "Queer Eye"


There’s no better way to brighten your day than with the Fab Five.


Inspirational stories, the beauty of accepting one another, and encouraging people to step outside their comfort zone. This show displays the best of people in every way.


Watch all episodes on Netflix.




5. "The Final Table"


If you are looking for a great new cooking show, "The Final Table" is it.


Top chefs from every country compete to be the best in the world. Each week, they cook a plate from a different country, and celebrities and fellow chefs judge whose plate is the best.


All episodes available on Netflix.




6. "Fixer Upper"


Everybody needs a little Chip and Joanna in their lives, and if you haven’t gotten on board with America's favorite couple, there’s no better time.


Watch them navigate renovating homes, their family life, and love all on HGTV.




What TV shows do YOU like to watch to brighten your mood? Tweet us!