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6 At-Home Beauty Hacks: Real or Myth?

Written by Taylor Carter. Published: January 31 2017


In the world of beauty bloggers, YouTube tutorials, and online magazines, there is a plethora of useful beauty tips sprawled haphazardly throughout the Internet. Combing through all of these beauty myths can be tedious, because there are so many, and not all of them are as beneficial as they may appear. Here are some of the more common beauty hacks floating around the Internet, and whether they are worth the hype or just myths. 


Toothpaste as a Spot Treatment for Zits -- MYTH

Toothpaste is made for teeth, not skin, and it’s for good reason. Although toothpaste will effectively dry out a zit, it will also irritate the skin, causing unnecessary redness and peeling around the pimple. If you want to dry out a zit, the best thing to do is buy an acne spot treatment or use egg whites, which is another beauty hack and nearly not as irritating to the skin. If you have to try this one out for yourself, try going with white toothpaste rather than gel-based; it's a tad gentler.


Lemons for Acne and Uneven Skintone -- REAL

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon acne rise. Lemons have antibacterial properties, so they can help heal acne and fight against blackheads. Lemons can also work as a facial lightener for red and uneven skin tones because it contains Vitamin C. You can apply it directly to the skin for breakouts, or drink it in hot water for other health benefits; either way, lemons are beneficial for your skin and body.


Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin -- REAL

The hype is real! Like most oil-based products, coconut oil has hydrating effects for dry hair and even a flaky scalp. That’s right, no more embarrassing trips to buy dandruff shampoo. Coconut oil is also beneficial for reducing hair breakage and promoting hair growth. All those vitamins and fatty acids work together to make your hair silky, moisturized, and healthier overall. It can also be useful for dry skin in moderation. Plus, the oil has a non-overwhelming natural coconut scent.


Shaving Your Face -- REAL

Shaving your face, aside from removing baby hair and possible traces of a small upper lip-stache, is great for exfoliating and removing dead skin. Shaving your face can contribute to softer skin, prevent small hairs from clogging pores, and help your makeup glide on smoothly. Similarly, like shaving other places on your body, you have to be extremely careful. There’s still risk of ingrown hairs, razor burn, and stubble. However, the benefits for those of us with overly dry skin or stubborn facial hair are worth the risks. Consider buying a Tinkle eyebrow razor because they are duller than regular razors and, therefore, gentler for your skin.


Preparation H for Puffy Eyes -- MYTH

This is one of those beauty myths that many have sworn by, but there is no real proof to back up its benefits, if any. The anti-inflammatory properties in Preparation H might temporarily help with redness or puffiness, but there is overall more harm than good. Plus, the smell isn’t great, guys. Another problem with this method -- both dark circles and puffy eyes can be caused by a multitude of factors such as genetics and your overall health, including amount of sleep and stress levels. Because of this, pinpointing one product for this is, in a word, difficult. Try instead a cold compress before you apply concealer as an alternative approach.


Kitty Litter -- MYTH

If you already own a cat, then this beauty trick would be the ultimate money saver. However, it seems this hack is sadly false, but props to whoever was brave enough to give this a try in the first place. Fact of the matter is, kitty litter is not great for a sensitive area such as your face. Even if you find an unscented kitty litter, it will still contain ingredients that are damaging for your skin, especially for those of us with ultra sensitive skin. Maybe stick to careful face shaving, or a clay-based mask for exfoliation.


Beauty hacks, although plentiful, are not always beneficial. So, be kind to your skin and hair and do some research before trying any new products or tricks. Happy experimenting!


(Image via Oscar Gonzalez/WENN)


- Taylor Carter, YH Contributing Writer