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6 Academic Icons From TV/Film To Get You Through Finals Season!

Written by Rachel Rosenfield. Published: May 14 2024
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We’re approaching the end of the school year, which means we are into finals season. It is the time where everyone has to devote their time to studying as much as they can. It can be difficult to find the motivation to get all of that work done for a class, let alone multiple classes. If you cannot find that motivation, then maybe some inspiration could be of service. There are many movies and television series that show a smart character that always seems to work hard. What makes them great to watch is that they actually seem to like school and learning. Those are the type of characters that can leave you in awe with how much time they devote to doing well in school and how much of their free time is spent doing even more learning. A great motivation for studying could be making those characters proud. Here are some of those academic icons that can help you out during finals!


1. Rory Gilmore ("Gilmore Girls")

It is a popular sentiment that, if you work hard, then good things will come. That appears to be the case for the life of Rory Gilmore. Rory has a love for school and she has always tried her best to get terrific grades. That is what led to her getting accepted to the prestigious Chilton prep school. Even though she started the school late, because of her hard work, she ended up as Valedictorian. Then, when she got to Yale University, her love of school grew as she worked towards her dream of becoming a journalist. Whether she was taking diligent notes in all of her class or dedicating herself to a feature article for the newspaper, Rory would give everything 110%. While she would hit a couple of bumps in the road, Rory always managed to pick herself back up again and come back fiercer than before. When it came to school-related matters, Rory was ready for anything. Stream "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix.




2. Paris Geller ("Gilmore Girls")

It would not be fair to talk about Rory Gilmore without bringing up her academic rival-turned-best friend on Gilmore Girls, Paris Geller. While Rory balanced her passion for academics with a sunny disposition, Paris had an intensity about school 24/7. When in high school, she devoted all of her free time to making sure she got into a good college, which included constant studying and determination to be the best at all of her extracurriculars, such as the newspaper and debate club. Once she got to Yale, she was still determined to work hard, this time to make sure she was ready to be either a doctor or a lawyer. No matter what she did, Paris always had to be the best, and she would not let anyone get in her way. While it might not be healthy to be as intense as Paris, her dedication is certainly something to admire.




3. Blair Waldorf ("Gossip Girl")

It always helps to have a lot of determination in life. In "Gossip Girl", Blair Waldorf is always determined to come out on top. She works hard in all of her classes so that she can achieve her dream of going to Yale and then live a pristine adult life. She is constantly studying for the SATs so that she can get an amazing score, and she will study for tests as much as necessary. While some people in her life say that she is stressing herself out too much, that does not deter Blair. She is someone with a one-track mind that will not stop until her goal is achieved. Even when there are obstacles, Blair will not stop trying until it is physically impossible. On top of her dedication to academics, Blair always holds confidence and is able to talk her way through almost anything. That type of confidence can be a valuable tool in academics, which is a reason why Blair accomplishes so much while in school. Stream "Gossip Girl" on Max.




4. Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

A lot of the time, appearances can be deceiving. In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods comes across as a ditzy blonde sorority girl who only cares about fashion and dating. However, Elle is determined to prove that she is so much more than that. When her boyfriend dumps her for not being smart enough, Elle studies day and night for the LSAT so that she can get into Harvard Law School. She ends up getting a 179, which is a score usually earned by the top 1% of the test takers. Once she gets to Harvard, Elle realizes that everyone is expecting her to fail and give up, so she is ready to prove them wrong. She buckles down in all of her classes and is studying her books frequently so that she can do her absolute best at Harvard. When Elle puts her mind to something, there is absolutely no stopping her. Stream Legally Blonde on Max.




5. Lisa Simpson ("The Simpsons")

A love of academics can start at any age. Even though Lisa Simpson is just 8 years old, her infatuation with learning is admirable. It always appears that she thrives the most when she is at school, even more than her own household. She is always excited for every new lesson and is often found reading a new book or practicing her saxophone. Lisa has big dreams for herself and is prepared to accomplish amazing things when she is older. Flash-forwards have seen her in many great careers from successful businesswoman to being the President. Even though she is only in the 2nd grade, Lisa is a hard-worker in every aspect of her life. She can even be smarter than her parents sometimes. Lisa's devotion to learning may make her a bit of an outcast, but it makes her happy. Therefore, being an outcast is acceptable. Stream "The Simpsons" on Disney+ and Hulu.




6. Alex Dunphy ("Modern Family")

While the nerdy characters may not always be the cool ones, they are the ones that can turn out the most successful in the long run. That is what happened with Alex Dunphy in "Modern Family". While in school, Alex was unpopular, but she was always the smartest one in her classes. She would rather spend her time picking up a textbook than going to a party, and that shows how important school is to her. She would spend day and night studying for tests and working on projects because she would not accept anything less than perfection. After high school, Dunphy went to Caltech for college, then she started working at a major tech company and then as an academic researcher in Switzerland. Alex was able to achieve her dreams, all because she put as much effort as she could into learning and her schoolwork. Stream "Modern Family" on Hulu and Peacock.