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5 Tips for Surviving Valentine's Day (For Couples AND Singles)!

Written by Erica Dakay. Published: February 12 2016


Valentine's Day, a day that comes once a year to pay tribute to that significant other. It’s a time to give the world an excuse to get all mushy with your loved one. And for those who don’t have a significant other, it’s a time to avoid all places that attract those couples and stay in stuffing your face with a box of chocolates while booing at all the chick flicks and rom-coms on TV.


We came up with a few tips on how to survive the big V-Day for both you couples and single numbers!




This is the one time out of the whole year for you to really show what you’re made of. It’s a holiday devoted specifically to you and your loved one, so you definitely have to flash your peacock feathers on this holiday.


Tip #1: Make plans in advance! Being spontaneous is completely different than planning something last minute; If you decide to go along with something else, at least you had those plans reserved. A backup plan is always a necessity.


Tip #2: Make reservations! You want to take your significant other to their favorite restaurant? Chances are, 100 other couples consider that place to be their favorite as well. You don’t want to spend the whole day waiting on a table that you are only going to spend an hour in. Save you and your special someone the anxiety and make those reservations!


Tip #3: Gifting the essentials. No matter the size or cost, it’s the thought that counts. Although it may be cheesy and cliché to give your loved one a box of chocolates or a dozen roses, showing them that you thought about them is the most important part. You don’t have to purchase them that expensive purse or wallet; they’ll appreciate you no matter what... just don’t forget the gift.


Tip #4: Take your partner’s likes/hobbies into consideration. So maybe you like to go to the race track. Ask yourself if it’s something that your special someone would enjoy doing, because although you may think that spending time with each other is the most important part, doing something you both will enjoy will make the day 10x more special.


Tip #5: Keep your focus on you two only. This special day only comes around once a year. Not saying that it’s the only day that you should focus on your relationship, but it's definitely a day that you shouldn’t ignore. You’re in a relationship with that person for a reason -- remind them why you are, what makes them more special than anyone else. That day should only be about you two, and no one else. So keep your focus on appreciating how much you love being with that person.




Now, we know that this isn’t your favorite time of the year, but we have a few tips as to how you can hate it less and not look at it in as much of a negative day. There is no shame in being single on Valentine’s Day!


Tip #1: Gather all your single friends together. Maybe you don’t have a special someone to spend the day with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a fun day out of it with other special people. Gather all your friends and do something you all enjoy together. Hit a bar, go hiking, or maybe stay in and watch a movie. Spending the day with a people who care about you is much better than spending it alone.


Tip #2: Don’t treat this day differently than any other normal day. For couples, this is an excuse to go out and treat each other. It’s just like birthdays -- they only apply to certain people, so don’t feel the need to celebrate this holiday if it doesn’t resonate with you, and go about your day as you normally would.


Tip #3: Treat yourself! You’ve been working extremely hard these past few months. Use this day to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve been doing! It’s very empowering to gift yourself something special that you know you’ll like for sure. You know yourself better than anyone else.


Tip #4: Go out and meet people. You aren’t the only single one in the world. Other people are out looking for that special someone too. Check out singles parties in your area, take your friends and make it a fun outing. Although you may not leave with a result you want, you went out there and tried, which is the most important part. You never know what the outcome will be.


Tip #5: Think about all the money you’ll be saving! Valentine’s Day can be a very costly holiday. While all your couple friends are out buying expensive gifts and dinners for their partner, just remember all the money you’ll be saving or that you can blow on yourself!


Single or taken, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. Use these tips to help you make this holiday a successful one. XOXO


(Photo via Ivan Nikolov/WENN)


- Erica Dakay, YH Contributing Writer